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    Can I get 95W and 121W with 30" dish?

    Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to get 95W and 121W with one 30 inch dish. I tried to position the lnb with my hand to find the spot but don't seem to be able to get any signal. Are they too far apart to be able to get strong signal for both? I have the central lnb pointed at 95W and...
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    30'' round dish, how to get 97W and 95W at once?

    Is there any way to receive 97W and 95W with a 30 inch round dish at once (different receivers) with such a close separation between the two. Are there very small lnbs that can fit in such a close space? I don't think i want to get a motor, too much trouble. There might be a way to just get...
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    Only getting odd transponders on 101W

    I am only getting odd transponders at about 70-72 but no even transponders (it shows 0 for all of them), is this because of the low signal? Also, when I do an auto detect on D11-100 the test fails, says there is zero satellites, I guess this is because even transponders are not working....
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    Using Dish 500 to get 119W and 101W

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could please help me with this. I have a Dish 500 with 2 single LNBs. I want to keep 119 with the Dish Network, and also receive 101W for Direct TV. I came accross at one reference on the internet that I could just strap another LNB right next to 110 socket...