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    Wild feed hunting

    I'm having a time finding wild feeds. When i BS IA5, IA6, IA8, I pretty much don't find anything more. I have a very few feeds but I don't see the birds "light up" with feeds, say at 6 PM on the Pacific coast (USA). Do those of you who are old hands at feed hunting have other...
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    What kind of Switch to use on DisEqC motor and Univ. LNBF setup?

    I have an FTA system with a Universal LNBF and an SG2100 (Diseqc) motor. I'm trying to switch between a circular (DSS, LO=11250 MHz) and a linear LNBF (Universal, LO=9750 low, 10600 MHz high) on the same dish, with 2 receivers. One receiver is a Buzz S2010f FTA unit and the other is an E*...
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    Is there a list of satellites that has a strong TP listed for each one?

    This would really help with "bird" hunting...
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    New features/customization for FTA receivers

    Just a thought... Why not use the programming talent for legitimate purposes such as better channel editing, more control over blind scan (say 1 MHz steps and customizable scan range) or maybe even storable scan presets for quick feed hunts? Obviously easier said than done. I don't have...
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    Very Quiet LNBF's

    I don't see them here in the USA, but 0.2 dB typ NF LNBFs are relatively easy to get in Europe (at least based on Google,) and there are two (maybe 3 0.1 dB LNBFs advertised as 0.1 dB NF. As the LNBF NF and dish size determine the system NF the most, optimizing them yields the best results...
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    Buzz S2010f Blind scan

    It looks like the blind scan (of the currentr satellite) will only lock onto signals if you have the correct satellite selected in the channel search menu. This can be tedious if you don't know which bird you're on.
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    Buzz S2010f manufacturer?

    I'd like to know who is the Buzz S2010f manufacturer/ product support company, for any bug reports or FACTORY firmware updates, as legitimate factory firmware updates sometimes occur to fix occasional bugs. Of course we KNOW that no FTA receiver ever has any BUGS. :rolleyes: [but most should...
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    Bent dish blues... Any suggestions on fixing the dish?

    Still having difficulty getting a READABLE signal. I think I got AMC 3? at ~136 deg georaphic [lat 47.8N lon 122.2 W], and the skew acts normally, showing I do have a linearly polarized signal. Peaked signal, could not get any quality, scanned all transponders on all visible satellites (LO...
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    Help, I'm getting my tail kicked! Bad LNBF?

    I'm trying to get IA 5 but never found it. Same for Amazonas. I just got my TechSAT 0.3 dB LNBF yesterday, and I haven't been able to get much signal at all, even trying the strong Dish network birds. I've only gotten a lock on 61.5, 110 and 119, which aren't what I'm hunting for...
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    SatMex 5 near Seattle? Any chance to get it?

    Taking the SatMex Ku Americas footprint, it shows the 43 dBw contour about at the southern border of Washington state. I'm near Seattle; extrapolating the contours suggests a 38-40 dBw signal there. Any chance of getting a readable signal with a 36" dish and TechSat Tracker 0.3 dB LNBF...
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    Setting up new Buzz receiver

    What's the network search for? I'm putting together a FTA system, and just received a Buzz S2010f receiver. Yesterday I hooked it up to my existing dish at 61.5 W. L. (usually hooked to a lifetime subscribed E* 3900 rcvr for Sky Angel) to familiarize myself with its setupo and operation. Sig...