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    Dish Network has accepted Glenn Bleck's money

    For over two days, already, Glenn Bleck is now advertising his low rated, web only channel, with a promo code (which I would NOT unveil here,) for a 30 day trial. Who in their right mind, at the Dish Network advertising sales department, decided to accept Glenn Bleck's money? Might as well...
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    Paying bills online problem

    Three months ago, I had no problem paying my bill online. Then, Dish Network changed their billing code on their website, and now my payments with my debit card are now no longer going through. My payments are being denied, despite my debit card expires in 2013, and the debit card issuer...
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    A beg to Dish Network to add Al-Jazeera International

    Now, as you may know, I am not an advocate for Dish Network, to add more HD, but at least, I hope Dish Network would at least, try to consider adding Al-Jazeera International, because Dish Network already has Al-Jazeera. I don't really like to use a FTA system to get Al-Jazeera International...
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    Imus to be on RFD-TV, should Dish Network/Rotten Rupert be concerned?

    I would, because RFD-TV is on the DISHFamily package, and on Rotten Rupert's family package. The reason why I would be concerned? Media Matters - Imus called women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos" Enough said...
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    Want to get a Dish 500+, to replace my 121 Superdish

    I have DHPP, but because of the "rumors", which I can't specify (Pub Member thing) , I would like to change out my Superdish, to a Dish 500+, with DN installing it? I don't want to pay like $100 for this, so how can I convince Dish to do this for around $50, or less? Thanks.
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    If anyone cares, Alter Globe is no more, on Dish Network

    I was a subscriber to this channel, just to get the 148 degree wing dish, for free, but as of September 1st, 2007, Alter Globe will no longer be on Dish Network. Prediction: Alter Globe will end up on Rotten Rupert. Subscribers of Alter Globe will get a Euro 2004 DVD, glorifying Greece's...
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    Need to find the cheapest way to get 148, with Professional Install from Dish Network

    Hello, I live in Milpitas, CA, and I subscribe to SF locals. I called Dish Network on April 8, 2006, to get a free wing dish at 148, and it would be installed on April 11, 2006. I then called on April 10, 2006, to confirm the install, instead, Dish Network cancelled it, without...