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    So, we own it now -- A couple of questions about OTA

    If you reboot your receiver, you will also lose the clock function as the clock in the receiver is set by satellite signals. This is in addition to the lost guide data.
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    It's yours

    Silly question How silly could this question be? You bought the receivers and you own them! Or maybe you are expecting refund from CV? An unrelated question for all of you out there: I lost the guide as expected but also lost the clock in the receiver. Is this expected? I would think there...
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    Did Voom go dead early? - No it did not!

    Discovery HD (channel 601) also went dead tonight. All other channels seem just fine. Strange!
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    Is Voom PQ really better than DirecTV?

    This is my sentiment as well. Voom PQ used to be better than D* before the new encoder went online. Now it is exactly as the OP described. BTW, I have D* for 10 years and still have it just in case Voom would not make it. Voom, please bring back the PQ as before the new encoder!!!!!!!
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    Best PQ you have ever seen?

    The best HD program I have seen thus far is the prorgam on Mantis (I forgot the exact title) last night on DiscoveryHD. I flipped to the channel before I was ready for bed. The PQ was awesome with vibrant color and a 3-D feel. I ended up going to bed 45 minutes later just to finish the show. I...
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    List of TV Models with DVI Problems

    Vizio P42HDe TV: Vizio P42HDe plasma Problem: Guide information lost on occasions when Voom STB is connected to the TV through DVI. Guide would be downloaded after 30 minutes or so, but it is annoying. I suspect turning on TV first or STB first might have something to do with the problem...
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    New channels coming soon?

    Lacking FSN Arizona is the only reason I am keeping D* for $50 a month. That's the only way I am watching PAC10 tournament tonight. Having double subscription to D* and Voom is only a temperal arrangement. Eventually, I will settle on only one satellite provider, voom or D*, but not both.
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    DVD Recorders: Who's using them with Voom?

    Liteon LVW 5045 Has any voomer tried this recorder? Record on both DVD-R and DVD+R plus 160 GB HDD. On another note, are there any recorder that has a component input for HD recording? TIA
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    New channels coming soon?

    It is not a choice for Voom. The providers sell the whole package including HD and SD feed.s I am pretty sure ESPN demands Voom to carry SD feed along with HD feed.
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    VOOM LLC Website back active emulating

    Ron, Voomllc still redirects eveything back to the original Voom web site.
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    All Available HD Channels Information

    Fox Sports Net HD A large number of FSN channels broadcast selected games in HD from two transponders on Galaxy 13. These channels would be nice additions to the Voom HD lineup. The following quote is from: dated on July 20, 2004.
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    New channels coming soon?

    D* has been carrying CNN International for years as far as I can remember (I've had D* for 10 years).
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    Do you have a new provider lined up if Voom goes dark on 4/1/05??

    I still have D* subscription. So it is easy for me just to keep it. Easy. It has all the channels plus DNS HD. I will miss TNT-HD and all the Voom exlusive, though.
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    Harmonic Encoder Improvements? (Feedback Need it)

    JWK, excellent descriptions about the problems on Cartoon network channel. I normally do not watch this channel, but somehow my kids wondered to my TV and tuned to this channel. I saw exactly what you descirbed tonight between 9:00 and 10:00 pm MST.
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    NEWS FLASH: New Channels: LIFETIME Net, CMT, National Geographic,...

    A very interesting observation. What do you say about NGC? International Geographic Day?
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    NEWS FLASH: New Channels: LIFETIME Net, CMT, National Geographic,...

    Thank you, Voom, for the six new channels. This is indeed a good sign. How about this new channel roll out as a STATEMENT! I can now tear away from the SatGuys pages without worrying about voom being sut down. Now would you please just add FSN Arizona ... ...
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    NEWS FLASH: New Channels: LIFETIME Net, CMT, National Geographic,...

    Movie channels are between 200-299.
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    Need the Following information From Voom Subs

    My TV takes DVI input from the Voom STB without any problem. Voom STB seems working fine here. Could it be a compatibility problem between the STB and certain TVs?
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    Flash!!!! There will be no official statement on Monday

    In this day and age, we are spoiled with instant gratification. It is not to be today! :smug
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    Wow!!! It is Eerily quiet on this board today

    Wow, 600 and some souls anxiously waiting. No news is in sight. Has any one heard of water-torturing?