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    Want to Switch To Directv, need help with costs

    Hi All! Long time member, but haven't been here in years. I am finally fed up with our local cable company (suddenlink). They switched over guides on our boxes (to TVGuide), and it is absolutely horrible. I want to go ahead and get on Directv, but am a little uneasy about the high startup...
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    Will any of the New Mpeg4 receivers

    You can always get a DVI or Component or VGA extender. These will extend the video via cat5 cabling. While there might be some slight degradation, most people will not notice. Probably the best stuff is at, albiet pretty expensive. There are some other lower cost alternatives out...
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    next 12 markets?

    Take this with a gain o' salt, but the last CSR I talked to the other night in the HD eligibility dept said that once the beta test is finished that they would likely turn on all 12 locations.
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    D* CableCard Receiver? Wireless Receiver?

    The only advantage is that you can send full HD over it, not just standard def. I'm an HD junkie!
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    Poormans AT9 Possible?

    smartass..I do agree it was a pretty dumb queston
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    Poormans AT9 Possible?

    Yeah I understand the spotbeam stuff. I am about 50miles north of Htown, so I should be able to pick it up right? Thats not too bad of a price at SS. Do you think they will start shipping to Houston when they go live? How are they at keeping stock on this stuff?
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    D* CableCard Receiver? Wireless Receiver?

    A company that we use for our digital signage products sells a wireless transmitter and receiver. The company is Avocent. Emerge is the product name. I've seen it work, and it seems to do pretty well considering its wireless, albeit very expensive ($650 for the Tx, and $450 for the Rx)...
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    Poormans AT9 Possible?

    Might be a stupid question but...... IS there a way to come up with a AT9 equivalent by using a P3 dish combined via a switch with a Ka-band dish? After googling for a while, all I could come up with for a Ka-band dish are ones used by Vsat companies. Direcway has a new one out that is...
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    Houston, TX O&O HDTV

    I was wondering if anyone has had success lately in getting dtv to turn on the NY/LA HD feeds for Houston. I just got my sister in law one of my old HD receivers for her to use in her apartment. I can't do an antenna at her complex so I have to get the HD feeds via satellite. I got the...
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    Quick question on current promotions

    I see everywhere about the $1 install deal and had a few quick questions: 1) Is there no monthly mirroring fee, (just pay $5.00 for lease of receiver)? 2) How long do yall think before they will discontinue this promotion? 3) What will my monthly bill be? I figure $50(basic...