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    How do I get a stronger signal?

    My dish is pointed at 100% on 119 (used a signal meter for it), but my signal is low for 118.7. How can I get a stronger signal for 118.7? Should I add another power inserter? Should I run separate lines to TV1 and TV2 instead of using a splitter right by the box? Stations keep flashing on...
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    Vip622 showing wrong channels

    I just put up a new dish 1000+ dish and lost all my previous channels and am getting new ones in the guide. When I do a checkswitch, it is checking for 91 and 82 instead of 110, 118.7, 119, and 129. How do I fix this? I tried a hard reboot and it didn't work. Thanks
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    Will this work?

    I live near St. Louis and needed the 118.7 sat to pick up HD locals. The other day, I lost all HD channels. Called tech to turn channels back on and was told I need a new sat dish. I currently have a VIP622 box, a dual 500 dish pointing to 119 and 110, and a single 500 dish pointing to 61.5...