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    Fired from dish.

    Yeah man come on it was just a pissed off supervisor she got my " supposed" username from someone outside of work. My pda has its own internet thats why my post lack so much its hard to type on... I knew the warning also, yeah I denied alot. but since i then was aware of a posting possibility...
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    Fired from dish.

    well the only way I was cuaght was due to a specific individual trying to locate my username other than that i would not have been fired, point being I covered my trails and all did my post from a pda. Im not stupid I think it was worth it though that place was starting to tear me up.
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    Fired from dish.

    Been awhile since I have been on, I was recently fired from dish network. It was stated that I had leaked information and they were exterminating me. After talking it over with the manager he made a few phone calls and said ok you will only be suspended until we complete the investigation. Well...
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    I got a recorded message this morning from "Dish Audits"!

    Actually its a completely isolated department away from TSR or CSR. Also majority of audits pass, and you are asked in depth questions assumption is not used to close accounts. For example the sleeping in the room -ok can you call back tommorrow when no ones asleep? customer says ok (they must...
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    Christmas gifts from DISH!

    Here ya go!http://
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    I got a recorded message this morning from "Dish Audits"!

    What was funny is when people call 4days after I lock their rcvrs wow took you awhile? or "the room the rcvrs in is locked" or " people are sleeping in the room "
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    Need install advice: run/bury cable or get 2nd dish?

    Yeah thats called account packing....
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    I got a recorded message this morning from "Dish Audits"!

    Yeah I recommend calling ASAP when I did audit the longer someone took to call the more suspicious it looks
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    Christmas gifts from DISH!

    They most likely applied the rebate immediately which is really lucky for you! :D - talk to the right people you can get crazy results.
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    522 problem

    Didnt think so did ya try swapping the cables?
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    522 problem

    swap the cable from sat in1 and sat in 2 on the back of the rcvr run the test again see if it follows the cable or stays on port two. Also you dont have a seperator correct?
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    DVR Advantage ?

    yes its the 250 premium
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    Channels changing by themselves.

    yup really should try changing remote address again to like 14 no one uses 14....
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    Loss of sound on hdmi

    You will be fine how it is for now.
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    TV2 on 622 picture degrated. Any tips on what to check?

    Most likely loose cable or connector check 'em
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    Dish Customer Service Phone Nr Down?

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    Need some installer advise - Problem when turning on receivers

    Um yeah you need a power inserter are you sure there isnt one?
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    Dish Customer Service Phone Nr Down?

    So far... is very true but she seems to be trying. How long you think she will be around?
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    Dish lied to me need help.

    Zero is correct its very simple to just neglect notes you just dont type done no notes...
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    Uplink Report

    Ok cleaned out shoot me the pm!