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    Apple Tv & Onkyo Receiver & Netflix

    Hi All, I just bought an Apple TV to replace a LG DVD/streaming unit. The Apple works just fine, but last night an interesting problem occurred: Streaming Netflix went ok until the sound bass was intense. The Onkyo receiver would shut off! It happened over & over. I had to power on the...
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    DVR external HD

    I'm looking to expand my HD-20 with an external drive. I read on a review that the WD eSata 1TB reformats every time DirecTV does a software upgrade, wiping out all the stored data. Is this true? Thanks!
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    Best way to hookup

    I have learned a lot here on the forums, but I haven't seen this topic.... I have DirectV HDDVR with hdmi. I have Samsung 1080p HD tv with hdmi. I have Onyko receiver with hdmi. What is the best way to hook up? Currently Directv to hdtv for pic & directv to Onyko for sound. Controlled by...