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    New Navigator Guide coming when?(Tampa Bay):

    I firmly believe that my DVR guide software will change soon. Whenever FiOS lights up in my neighborhood. Any day now. ;)
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    Verizon FIOS Update (Clearwater, FL):

    I should clarify based on the above message: When I posted earlier, they must have been done putting down boxes and conduit for fiber. Looking outside today, I see a truck with a giant roll of orange-clad fiber, presumably, and a bunch of guys messing about with the boxes.
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    Verizon FIOS Update (Clearwater, FL):

    Well, they're done putting down fiber in my yard. /sets watch
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    Verizon FIOS Update (Clearwater, FL):

    I'm in unincorporated Pinellas (with a "Clearwater" mailing address) near Top of the World. Advanced Communications USA just put flyers out in my neighborhood yesterday. There are white "proposed excavation" spray-painted lines all over the place. :) (We have buried utilities.) I can't...
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    Digital channel numbers

    I have a little printed guide I made up for my bedroom TV that lists some of the QAM numbers. The problem is that no two TV vendors seem to agree on QAM numbering. Also, Bright House has some of the channels with proper labeling (e.g. 610-1 for CBS), but others--even major broadcast...
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    Too Many Duplicate Channels?

    I realize that there are different models of STB with different cost concerns, but it seems like BHN should source all new STBs as HD. Then (eventually, when the old ones died) they could simulcast one analog channel for the antique crowd and one digital/HD channel for everyone else. People...
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    With Burn Notice and House on more often, I could get by with a lot less of other shows. ;)
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    STB on the way out

    ...and they will continue to charge as much for the cards as they do for the boxes.
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    New Software

    No update for me, either. If the software upgrade lost all of my shows, my wife would string up a BHN exec. ;) Maybe we should pare down the list of shows.
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    New Navigator Guide coming (BHN Tampa Bay):

    Interesting. Do you RF-modulate the security cameras to different channels? Or do you use one slingbox per camera? Or can the slingbox somehow multiplex between NTSC baseband??
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    New Navigator Guide coming (BHN Tampa Bay):

    A friend of mine told me that DirecTV just rolled out some sort of uPNP streaming -- in HD -- from their HD DVR. He can now watch DVR-recorded shows on his PC. I'm glad BHN is attempting to do something about their software. Hopefully I can give them the benefit of the doubt if they have some...
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    New Navigator Guide coming (BHN Tampa Bay):

    TWC gets official with Navigator rollout in Raleigh, NC: hands-on - Engadget HD
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    New Navigator Guide coming (BHN Tampa Bay):

    EngadgetHD article about TWC's rollout of the Navigator software: Time Warner Cable starts rolling out new Navigator, more HD soon? - Engadget HD
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    Hey, new free speed upgrade =-)

    PS, I mostly use my Internet for business. I'd be insane to pay what they want for VO. I'd like a static IP, but the truth is that I have colo servers for that sort of thing. Also, my home router (Apple Airport) actually does real DNS updates (not that third-party DynDNS web stuff--actual...
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    Hey, new free speed upgrade =-)

    I'm in Clearwater. I pay +$10 for the tier above standard (who knows what it's called; BHN's pricing on their website is confused). Tampa: Atlanta:
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    Hey, new free speed upgrade =-)

    Wow. I pay for the 10Mbps tier, and I'd pay for more but they don't let me because I don't have phone. Anyway, Speedtest shows: 14119kbps / 1623kbps So I'm confirming they bumped me to the 15Mbps and 2? 1.75? Mbps from 10Mbps/1Mbps. Impressive.:)
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    New Navigator Guide coming (BHN Tampa Bay):

    The existing software--after using TiVo--is like hitting yourself in the face with a rake. Short of not functioning, I'm not sure how they can make it worse. Virtually any change will be for the better. I'm looking forward to the new software. Besides, if they screw it up, there's always D*.
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    Are they still going to require their digital phone service for the highest-tier Internet? (That's the lamest thing ever.) I have 10/1 and would gladly pay for their 15/X... but they don't let me. @Khandurian: Is BHN seriously talking about turning off analog? Won't they have to hand out a...
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    BHN New software

    You mean it's worse than the software on the normal SA8300's? Is that possible? :)
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    SA8300HD clipping HD shows

    I have BHN's HD DVR, the SA8300HD. The hardware seems nice enough, but the software/GUI is a pile of crap. For the most part, however, it is stable enough and does what it is supposed to do. Recently, this has changed. HD shows are being clipped by a minute or so; sometimes more. I don't...