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    Questions about the new line of DVR's

    My DVR is 3 year old or so and im looking to purchase a new one. Is their any DVR models that will let you use the usb port to save content to a thumb drive or connect an extrernal h/d that i could save movies to. Or . . . Is their a Wi-FI device out for directv recievers like tivo has that...
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    My experience with ValueElectronics

    I ordered a DVR from robert at Value Electronics late thursday evening(28th of October). I will billed on Friday the 29th. Robert was helpful and very informative. He answered all my questions to the fullest. Better than any DirecTV rep has done in the past. He didnt try to sell me any...
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    Question about dual LNB round dish

    I have a round dish with one dual LNB. As I understand this is a single satellite signal feed. If I upgrade to a oval dish, triple LNB, which I believe has 3 satellite feeds will this give me a better quality picture? I plan on upgrading to the DVR in the next month or so but don't know if I...