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    Bad Direct Tech Experience

    A couple of years ago I had a very bad experience with Direct Tech when they were installing my system. Someone on this forum very nicely privately emailed me the email address of the Northeast regional manager. That's what it took and things worked out fine after I emailed and spoke with him...
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    R10 Question........what happened?

    I got home last night turned on the TV and the picture was Frozen. I tried everything, but nothing worked. So I reset the it is coming up with the "Welcome, please wait, powering up" screen and won't go any further.............I tried unplugging it from the wall and waiting...
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    Professional Installers out there....I'm Desperate for Help

    Please, please, I'm hoping some of you professional D* installers out there can help. I've posted so many times in the last few weeks you all must be sick of me, but the saga continues and I am repeating myself. I hope you will bear with me. I am very frustrated and so are the installers...
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    OTA Channels

    I'm new to this DVR there a way I can get my OTA channels to appear on my DVR guide like they do on my HD receiver? I know I can't record them on the DVR, but I'd like them to show up on the guide, is this possible? Thanks,
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    Live Transponders on Sat B

    Could someone please tell me how many live transponders I should have on Sat. B(119). That is how many should be receiving some kind of signal ...... I currently have three, but sometimes a fourth one shows up..........should there always be four or should there be more than that??? Also, I...