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    Please help with 119 problem.

    I am in the Northeast. When I had my new 5lnb dish installed all channels came in well. As the leaves came the stations on the 119 satellite began to fade and finally are gone completely. I contacted my installer (a local whom I trust very much). He came up, pointed out the tree that is...
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    New 5lnb install

    After cutting trees, limbing etc I now have a clear shot at the satellites for HD. D is scheduled to come Monday to install (if the rain doesn't wash them away). The dish will require 100 feet of cable to reach the tv. Is a booster necessary and does D do this?
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    Which TV for Standard Definition

    Hi, as I continue on the quest for HDTV and a bigger screen I run into the fact that much programming I watch is SD. My question is, what tv is best able to handle SD without the picture being a bit fuzzy? I am looking at a Sony LCD (Bravia V series) and a Sony rear projection but am open to...
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    New HDTV Satellite location

    HI, first time here. I live near the top of a hill with some trees between me and the south and south west. Currently I have Directv and when I check signal strength I am over 90 for the 101 sat and in the 60's for the 110 and 119 sats. I would like a new tv (flat, HD of course) but would...