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    Universal HD Olympic Coverage reference?

    Hmm, maybe this is a moot point as I don't see any olympic programming on UHD in the next 14 days.
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    Universal HD Olympic Coverage reference?

    Hello, The descriptions for the olympic footage simply say "Day XXX". Is there a reference for these days that will show me what events are actually in that footage? I'm specifically looking for indoor and beach volleyball. Do any of the days have volleyball footage? Eric
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    What Can I Do????

    The capitalization of each word is done by the vBulletin software if the post is written in ALL CAPS.
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    D* tv vs Time warner cable

    I dropped time warner and their HD-DVR and replaced it with D* and an SD-Tivo last summer. My plan was to save up the monthly price difference and eventually get the HD-Tivo. The PQ on the local channels is a lot better on D*, and the tivo interface is a welcome change from the glitchy...
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    Local HD offered in Atlanta

    Why not just get an OTA antenna? The PQ would be better than what you would be getting off of satellite anyway, and the HD-Tivo can still record it.
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    6 month HD offer expiring?

    The whole point of his question is that he knows it worked in 2004, but is wondering if it still works in 2005.
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    6 month HD offer expiring?

    so was "the other night" in 2004 or 2005?
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    Sundays at 1pm

    It also might help to describe what the "issues" are.
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    Sundays at 1pm

    I'm guessing it has something to do with a bunch of HD football games starting at 1pm.
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    DirecTV DVR Help!

    Ah, I thought that was to carry the rf remote signal out to the garage.
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    DirecTV DVR Help!

    Maybe I'm missing something, but how will he get the video and audio signals from the box in garage to the tv in the den? :confused:
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    hdtv receiver from dtv It's been available for a while now, but it's for new customers only.
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    hdtv receiver from dtv

    This brings up an interesting possibility: if my friend/family member is thinking of getting directv, I could have them get the $699 HD DirecTivo deal on Ebay, then sell me the receiver for $699. When combined with the DirecTV credit, it would be a decent price.
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    TiVo Series 1, no land line, can I get DirecTivo?

    You do realize you'll need a receiver in every room with DirecTV, right?