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    DVR-625 Installation Question

    Gotcha, that makes more sense.
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    DVR-625 Installation Question

    Okay, that answers one question. But the thing I'm most confused about is the fact that he is using one dish output to feed both tuners. How is this possible?
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    DVR-625 Installation Question

    I had the 625 installed today (just switched from Directv), and I am a little confused about how it was wired. With Directv I installed myself, running a 4x8 multiswitch that fed 5 lines directly to 2 dual tuner receivers and 1 basic receiver. When ordering Dish, I only ordered the 625 because I...
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    DishNetwork Dual Tuner/Dual TV Receiver

    I just switched from Directv back to Dish Network, and I am befuddled about the way the install was done. With Directv I installed a 4x8 multiswitch to run all my televisions. Well, I am currently only using 2 televisions so when switching to Dish I only ordered the DRV-625 which is a dual...