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    Two major problems we're seeing with Original Hopper.

    We have seen a couple major issues with our Original Hopper recently and I haven't seen anyone else post about these, so I wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issues. The more troublesome issue is that when we press the DVR button 3 times to get to the Daily Schedule, the screen...
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    Problem with Hopper and DishOnline.

    So, originally I thought that this problem was due to the fact that I didn't have the Sling Adapter yet, but I got that yesterday and the problem persists. When I log into DishOnline (or DRA for those that still know how to get there ;)) on the web or via my iPad or iPhone, the number of Timers...
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    Hopper wiring question.

    So, I'm trying to prepare as much as possible ahead of time for my Hopper installation. I'm only planning on getting just the Hopper alone and no Joeys. I've currently got a 922 with one coax (I think RG6) cable coming from a 1000.4 dish that splits in two right before connecting to the 922...
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    Do I have a dead 922?

    This is pretty weird. So today just after noon, I was watching a recording on my 922 when it just shut off and the fan on it was really loud. I had to unplug the power cord and replug it back in to get it to come back up as it did not reboot on its own. What is really strange is that at the...
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    Things I wish I had known before getting a 922.

    I've had the the 922 (upgraded from a 622) for a couple of weeks now and it has been working pretty decently. But, there were a few questions that I had before getting it that I couldn't get straight answers for so I thought that I would share my thoughts on a few things that might help someone...
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    Question about HD/SD local channels?

    So, I just recently switched to a 1000.4 dish so that I could get my local channels in HD with a single dish solution. Now, I notice that for the local channels that are offered in HD, I only have the HD version and not the SD version as well. Is there a way to configure the receiver (622)...
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    Frustrated with 1000.4 DIY install and 61.5. Any advice?

    I live in Janesville, WI and I currently have a dish 1000 and a 622 receiver. The Madison, WI HD locals are on the 61.5 satellite and in order to get them I need a second dish. I really don't want 2 dishes if I can help it, so I bought a 1000.4 dish off of eBay with the hopes that I can retain...
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    Number of Events and Timers

    I have a 622 and was wondering if the newer models of receivers allow for a larger number of total events and/or total timers? Our limit seems to be about 574 events and around 94 timers. Is that the same for everyone with a 622? Thanks! Scott.
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    Watching a recording getting interrupted by signal loss.

    We've been seeing a recurring problem on a 622 where we are watching something that was recorded earlier and it is getting repeatedly interrupted by a "Satellite signal has been lost" message. The playback seems to continue in the background, but we have to go resume to get it to show up again...
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    New Audio problem with 3.63 on 622 when will it be fixed?

    I've had a new Audio problem pop up 3 times today already since getting upgraded to 3.63 on my 622 receiver last night. The audio will completely drop out on the TV1 output and the only way to fix it is to reboot the receiver by holding down the power button on the front of the box. The TV2...
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    Questions about upgrade to 622.

    I'm currently using a 522 and an 811 and I am upgrading to a 622 this Friday. Here is how I plan to hook this up: The 622 will be in the Living Room and I plan to connect the TV1 HDMI output to the Living Room TV and then connect the TV1 component output and optical audio output to my...
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    Questions about AEP.

    Hi, been a lurker in this forum for a few weeks, and finally was able to join tonight (kept getting errors before.) Anyway, I'm looking to become a first time Dish customer in January and I have a couple of questions about AEP since I couldn't find the answers by searching the forum. From...