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    Utilities Cry Foul Over Verizon Dig (Northern Virginia)

    verizon first you have to remember that before any diggin can be done you have to have a utility survey(at least in ny) and number 2, the contractor are to blame. not verizon. they pay these guys to do the work and to get all the permits and find the other utilities before they start!
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    Used Voom Box + Lost PIN = ?

    well there is only 9999 combination, start at 0000 and work up! might take u a few weeks to find it, but for free local hd its worth it. only thing i can think of, good luck
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    Get out your wallet. ST in HD now $318.00

    how about i stick with my OTA for the hd games, wont get them all but i have two citys covered and they both show different games most of the time! FREE FREE FREE !!!!
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    How is VOOM going to uninstall 46,000 people in one month?

    csr told me that if i wanted the dish removed they would do it ! she did tell me that i get to keep it, and that the reason why was because they didnt want to have to fix my roof or anyone elses!
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    How is VOOM going to uninstall 46,000 people in one month?

    like to see them charge my creditcard (cause i was smart enough not to give it to them, pay by mail was the only choice for me) they are gonna have to come get the boxes and take the dish and patch the roof !!!!!! they shoulda went with self install then they wouldnt have this problem !!!
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    Dolan Backs Off Plan to Shrink CVC Board

    not trying to cause waves but am i the only one that thinks that hdtv is the shows people want to watch all the time? dont get me wrong voom has been great but in my opinion the voom 21 channels were all rerunning the same stuff over and over. yes once in a while i did see something i wanted to...
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    Interesting story in the SKY Report about VOOM....

    " main reason i went to voom was no credit check" get a clue dude !!!!!!
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    VOOM "Shutdown" schedule anyone?

    Omg !!!!
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    Can VERIZON be our knight in shinning armour??

    csr at verizon told me that here in upstate ny the service wouldnt be avaliable for another 1 1/2 to 2 years! also said they run fiber to your house and install a special box on the outside and use your existing wiring on the inside
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    Got Adelphia. May god have mercy on my soul!!!!!

    in my area of upstate ny, adelphia broadcasts channels 2-62 in analog !!!!!!!
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    Signed up for twc, here is the offer they gave me

    chances are if she didnt know what a cable card was, that its not avaliable in that area.
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    Call from Installs, Inc Installer re: VOOM death--unexpected????

    next time he calls, tell him if he calls back one more time your gonna drive to his house and kick the sh@t out of him!!!
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    Recording Voom HD Content

    you are right, i also used the svideo to record it, when i said i did it i meant recorded a voom hd channel. not recorded in hd format, sorry for the confusion!
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    Voom Customers!

    uplink probably is voom, seeing how many peeps will ship the box back for next to nothing !!!! lets see $15 shipping or send installer out to pick up between $70-$90 ??? lolololololololololol
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    So how close was the dvr to debuting?

    I watched the video, so yes i know scott seen the unit, but ! its doesnt matter what i say its just my opinion ! ive seen things in my life that appear to be the real deal, but then you find out later that it was just smoke and mirrors! so plz dont get all worked up, im not trolling, just...
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    So how close was the dvr to debuting?

    could you see behind the wall? as to where all the wires really went? just wondering!!! not trying to cause trouble just have my doubts about the whole dvr thing!
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    So how close was the dvr to debuting?

    they also demonstrated it at the year befores CES !!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!
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    Win a Dish 942 HD DVR from DishStore.NET and SatelliteGuys.US!

    75 pieces of candy $5.35 in money
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    Wilt... don't screw your box owners. Please.

    GOOD LUCK to all the box owners, but i think somewhere in the paper work you signed when you purchased the box, that there will be no refund if the service fails. on a new venture i would think that they put in a clause to cover there ass! just my 2 cents! i hope you get something tho !