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    Dish Introduces DTVPal DVR

    When is this DTVPal DVR scheduled to be available? I though I read mid-December somewhere, but it's still showing up as a pre-order on the website.
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    Help just lost drive- should we sign up for warranty

    I don't know that you need their expensive warrantee unless you want them to come out and replace the unit. You can do that yourself. My 322 went bad after a few years and they just gave me a new one. No warrantee. No cost. No shipping charges (I just gave it to the tech who coincidently...
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    How much GB space neeed for a 1 hr. TV show?

    When I was using MythTV I was seeing around 2.5Gb per hour when encoding standard def shows to mpeg-2. I don't have experience recording HD yet, but I'd guess around 8Gb per hour at 1080i. These guesses are rough and will vary based on lots of factors.
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    Dish- A thank you our Loyal subs!

    I really don't care where support comes from as long as they know what they are doing and can understand what you are asking of them. Unfortunately, the support we have now-a-days usually fails on both of these points. I have a CSR who kept telling me that my locals weren't available. I...
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    Dish Introduces DTVPal DVR

    Wow. Watching TV is already well down on my list of recreational activities, done only occasionally maybe one night per week (two nights, if it's an especially boring week). If they want to start charging for OTA then they'll probably lose a lot of viewers. I like playing the piano and...
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    Dish Introduces DTVPal DVR

    So dish has taken a standard interface and turned it into a proprietary one? For what purpose? If they just want to protect recordings, encryption is the way to go - you don't need to muck around with things at the interface level. Dish must have another reason for doing this, but for the...
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    Dish Introduces DTVPal DVR

    They don't even SPIN UP? Wow! What did Dish do to these disks?! You normally don't need anything other than power to spin one up (ignoring power-saver modes and stuff like that).
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    Dish Introduces DTVPal DVR

    ??? It may be that if you plug it into a Windows PC you'll have problems because Windows doesn't recognize Linux filesystem types. But that's not a firmware thing ... that's a Windows thing. If replacing/duping/expanding the HDD is even possible you would be in much better shape attempting...
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    Dish Introduces DTVPal DVR

    Chances are this is just a special purpose Linux box like some of the other Dish DVRs. If so, I don't see any reason why you couldn't dupe to a new larger HDD with a few commands like dd, resize2fs (if it's EXT2/3), fsck, etc. If they are using encryption it might get a little stickier though...
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    Comcast Announces More the 1,000 HD Choices

    I have both Comcast and Dish (I needed the Comcast internet, and threw in the cable TV temporarily just to see what it was like). Comcast really does blow Dish away in the OnDemand department. And a significant part of that OnDemand is free - including HD movies. However, the Comcast DVR...
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    Dish Introduces DTVPal DVR

    VERY interesting! Since 95% of what I record on the DVR are local stations, and I have great reception of these with my inside-attic antenna, this thing could serve as a Dish Network replacement should the economic situation worsen.
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    From D* to Dish last week...DVR confusing.

    I don't have DirectTV to compare the Dish DVR to, but I do have Comcast (temporarily). Now the Comcast DVR is a real joke (made my Motorola). The only thing Comcast has going for it is a pretty good selection of FREE OnDemand movies, their pitiful DVR simply ruins everything else. It's a...
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    Early Termination fee

    Well, you can always call Dish and say things aren't working (and they aren't, for your grandparents). Keep insisting until you get a tech sent out. This had better be free, two weeks into the deal, DHPP or not. The techs are supposed to train the customers on the system - if they didn't...
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    Moving to a neighborhood that doesn't allow dishes

    I am more interested in living in my house than helping someone else sell theirs (maintaining their property values). I keep a nice place, but it's because I want to, not because I am told exactly how to do it by someone else. So no HOA's for me. You can spot the HOA neighborhoods from far...
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    Need recommendation: Analog TV converter box

    Thanks for all the replies! The BEST solution would certainly be a new ATSC TV and a remote like this one: Tek Pal Remote Control: Electronics@@AMEPARAM@@ But the above remote only controls TV, not any...
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    Need recommendation: Analog TV converter box

    This is a different request than you are probably expecting. I'm looking for a converter box with the absolute MINIMUM of features, but still a reasonable tuner. Pulling in weaker signals being more important than picture quality. This is for an elderly aunt that is starting down the...
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    HDMI cable

    Component can go much farther than HDMI without experiencing any problems. The big gotcha for component though, is when everything starts enforcing HDCP as a prerequisite for HD display. Component can't do that.
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    HMDI and Sharp Aquos

    For a 26" screen, you'd need to be closer than 7 or 8 feet before your eyes could begin to distinguish SD from HD 720p. To begin to distinguish 1080p from 720p (or to fully realize 720p benefit) on that screen size you'd need to be closer than 5 feet. 3 feet to fully realize the benefits of...
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    HDMI cable

    I doubt that you'll be happy with a 75 feet HDMI cable. That's past the practical length limit. Yes, I know that the HDMI spec does not specify a max cable length and you can probably find one to buy that is this long (I doubt it would work though). You're not going to find that 75 feet is...
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    Question about service technician fees

    For any customer who requests it (after you have verified it's really the LNB), or only to the DHPP customers? The LNB is owned by Dish, correct? Is the non-DHPP-customer expected to pay for the replacement part if it goes bad, or only for the truck roll to have a tech do the replacing?