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    C/KU band&fta

    Can anyone tell me if you can receive gal 10R on a C/KU band receiver.I have new one that has never been hooked-up to a dish. I was going to run a cable inside from my fortec star pointed at g-10r, thought i might save my self some time by asking some of you guys that noes more about these...
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    Switch To Digital By 2009

    Can someone tell me what is going to happen to all the fta programming that we receive when these providers make the switch to Digital? I think the switch is to take place sometime in 2009.
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    New Channels

    I read on another site where kamt, keyu,kxun,kgw-pax has been added to gal 10r. Does anyone no the tp freq that they are using if this info is correct. Happy Holidays to all
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    Hi all, Been gone for two weeks ,Looks like i missed out on all the fun the other night here on Satguys.Question? Picked up a 7.5 mesh dish with C/Ku lnbf (single feed) Am more interested in the fta/ku sats then C band, Since im a green horn at this,and to save my self a few hours in the back...
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    Pentagon Channel

    Ive been on a few fta channel guides that say the Pentagon channel is on Gal 10r, One even gave the TP 12035H and the S.R. 19125, Added this to my TP list on my Fortec, Did tp scan, No pentagon channel. Anyone watching this channel on gal 10r?
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    22khz switches

    Hope someone can tell me if im on the right track or not,If i use a 22khz switch out at my primestar which has seperate hook-ups for horz and vert,Then run the output to one of my lnb ports on my EMP-8by1switch, Willthis hook-up work?
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    EMP 8by1 diseqc switch

    I got my new switch today;All is working well on lnb1 thru lnb4, My question is, AM i understanding the instructions correctly? They say to go to the sat asigned to 5, then use the setup like you had a motor in diseqc 1.2, Hold either east or west button until you see max signal.Am i missing...
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    picture prime star dishes

    Corrado you requested a picture of my dish setup. I hope this help other newbies to see what a person can accomplish by taking the advise of all senior members Like Ice said, Read-R ead -And read,And dont be afraid to ask questions.FIRST DISH on left pointed at Gal 10r, second dish at...
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    Cyberhome ch-srd converter

    I ordered one of these devices today. My question ? Can you rewire the headphone set to either tv speakers, Or external speaker? Any help appreciated.
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    I have a fortec classic na that uses 1.2 diseqc commands, After wasting 23 bucks on a digiwave 8by1 that uses 1.1 commands, I thought i had better ask someone who is smarter then i the big Q ?What commands will this receiver support? I see a lot of switches that takes 2.0 commands. Iwish these...
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    Ive searched the net for about 4 hrs looking for a fta sales store to buy a EMP Centauri 8by1 diseqc switch with no luck.Can find many places in canada that has this switch . My question is,Why dont these american stores sell a decent switch to go with there fta rec. anddishes...
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    A3C Audio

    Can someone tell me what i will need to do to get the audio on the stations on amc 3 using A3C? Thanks for all the help in the past.
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    Diseqc switch 8 in 1

    Can anyone tell me how to get my rec. to recognize this switch in antenna-setup? I have afortec classic, and cw 600p. Both rec show only 1 thu 4 lnb in antenna setup. Any help appreciated.
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    PrimeStar lnb

    Using a primestar 36"/40" dish pointing at Gal 10r,My question is' what sort of switch do i need to use for the horz and vert inputs? At present only using the vertical side. Any help appreciated.
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    commercial lnbf

    I picked up a california amplifed lnbf the other day at a flea market, my question is can i use this lnb on a primestar dish? looks like it will bolt right on. Specs are input:11.7-12.2 ghz Output :950-1450mhz,noise1.1 Gain55db typ. Appreciate any help at all.
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    Primestar dish

    I have no ideal what type of lnb this dish uses ,no specs on it no where. My question is,Can this dish and lnb be used to receive white springs? Thanks for any help.
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    ? white springs tv

    Can someone please tell me if white springs tv is on the same satellite that dish net uses to transmit locals on. Any help appre.
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    HELP---Fortec classic set_up

    New at this so please dont think im stupid.Tried to set up a fortec classic all day. I also have a fortec 30" dish H-H motor. I rec gal 10r fairlywell. When i go east sats dont come in strong enough to do a scan. IM wide open from south to s west. made adjustments on Elev and azm till ive...
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    Fortec Classic na

    Orderd this rec a few days ago, Also orderd a 36 inch dish with motor. My question is, Is this rec. hard to set up.Im very new to fta and dont want to make any mistakes if i can avoid them. Any info app.:o
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    dn super-dish

    Can anyone tell me what sat i can hit? (if any ).This dish has 3 lnbf,one is a pro. Any help app.