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    false alarm ,,,,, charmed is on and looks great on my Sammy DLP no stretchies
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    Tnthd Is Here But No Programming The channel bar is blue and nothing is on it yet
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    update on tree trimmings !!!!

    Update !!!! Just got a call from adent wireless they will pay the $85 for having my trees trimmed !!!!! thanks Eddie @ adent !!!!
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    update on tree trimmings !!!!

    Ok as i reported last week i had to have some trees trimmed in order to recieve voom , just some more info last week when i had my voom installer from adant wireless out of gurnee illinois 1. he didnt bring a compass with him said he lost it at another customers house, so i grapped mine (analog...
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    Samsung DLP HLN4365W - how to tell what rez ?

    Hello I have a Samsung DLP HLN4365W and i have been reading all the posts on the sammy DLP's My question is how do i tell if it is in 480i, 480p, 720p or 1080i i have hit the display key on my remote and it does not say what rez , i dont have my voom installed yet but i am trying it...
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    Trees Are Cut Bring on the Voom !!!!!

    Had The trees trimmed that where obstructing vooms bird installer will be back on wednsday to install !!!!!! :D :D :D
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    Faith Restored in VoOm

    Nope its been authorized by Voom my installer has given me this info and i have called voom as well my installer is bringing it with him tuesday when they do the install
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    Faith Restored in VoOm

    i was strating to fall into the negativity trap of some of the voom flamers and bad installs , especially when my installer called and said i would not be able to recieve the OTA channels with a stealth I called VoOm tonight to verify my account and they said i was approoved for a larger...
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    SD & VoOm

    ok I have a question that keeps bugging me i here all this hubbub about SD quality being not that great I have to tell you I have a Dishnet PVR522 and the SD quality is a little less then i expected although it is through a S-video connection I am hoping all of these reports i here...
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    OTA From Installer

    Hello all I will be New to Voom As of next Tuesday, I have been reading the post every day for the past 2 weeks , Regarding OTA and Dish Upgrades I called my installer and he said he will be bringing a 50 element antenna and recomended a rotor , all of my local channels are within...