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    Only on FTA can you see commercials like this.....

    Now, that gal can sing!!!!
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    Pansat 9200 review?

    I think you'll find it works pretty good. I got mine for about the same price. I still have not received a reply from Pansat on wheather or not they can (or will ) add 4:2:2 support to it. It has very good blindscan (called Smart Scan) and motor control ( SG2100 in my case) seems to be better...
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    Well I got it all figured out! Here's My Setup

    Sounds like you are ready to play as soon as all your goodies arrive!! Have fun! grusome
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    Pansat 9200HD connections on the back

    Yes, get a 33" dish and motor. You will find several HD sports feeds on weekends on Ku band sats. I have a 9200 and it controls the motor pretty good. (about as good as my old Pansat 2700a does) And the Blindscan (called Smart Scan now) works great. It's a bit on the expensive side(but not as...
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    Fortec HD Receiver?

    Or to make it easy, the Fortec Passion. It is still supposed to make an appearance. But, when is anyone's guess. grusome
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    Pansat 9200HD

    It seems to do everything I need it to do. It handles my motor pretty well. (although the operator could use some help on remembering to read the instructions properly :D ) It has good Blindscan and both SD and HD video look good. If it did 4:2:2 video I'd be set. It might even be capable...
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    Pansat 9200HD

    H.264 MPEG4 it does out of the box. But, I haven't found an h.264 mpeg4 feed on Ku band to try it yet. And I have not installed my C-band dish yet to try the feed that updatelee was talking about. As for DVB-S2, Pansat is supposed to come out with a plug-in tuner for that. (There is a place for...
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    Pansat 9200HD

    Saw that. But, I don't have the C-band dish up yet and as I understand it, the 9200HD won't do DVB-S2 without and add-on tuner. (unless, I've missed something as the manual say's "Optional" for that feature) grusome
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    Pansat 9200HD

    Here's a thread about the 9200HD: I just got one earlier this week and so far, I am impressed with it. Haven't found any h.264 channels to try yet. (and probably won't since most , if not all of those are...
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    New to fta and need a lot of help please

    I haven't got an E-SATA drive yet to test it. Nothing in the manual that comes with it mentions that function other than the specs which show the E-SATA connector for connecting external HDD(their wording). And no settings that I can see in the setup menus. I've been playing so much I haven't...
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    New to fta and need a lot of help please

    Not a review by Iceberg, but one by another 9200HD owner: I got mine Tuesday, so, I'm looking forward to this weekend and some sports feeds. I too didn't mean to hijack this thread. But, the OP did...
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    New to fta and need a lot of help please

    I just got a Pansat 9200HD and the Blindscan works very well. In fact, when it's scanning, the screen is the same as my old Pansat 2700a, which always finds feeds. Worked right out of the box. It found all the PBS channels on 87W including the HD stuff. I have found several news feeds covering...
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    Viewsat 9000HD

    What they are talking about is an add-on that is intended for the hacking community in order to illegally receive Dish HD programming. Not on GoSat, but, those other websites you have probably seen. It's pretty expensive receiver for what it currently does. grusome
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    Beware! Nvidia 8000 series Video Cards

    Check out for some good deals on XP. grusome
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    Fortec Passion--Where are you!!!

    Oh Boy !! Now you got me all worked up !!!:D Good thing I have other boxes to play with, I'd have a stroke otherwise ! grusome
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    What he said!! :) grusome
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    Used 12 Foot Mesh Dish Pictures

    If all else fails, you might be able to pick up a decent Corotor-II on Ebay for a good price. And even the lnb's. I got an 8' mesh dish a while back for free, from a local church when I installed their new 3ABN setup for them. It had a nice coroter setup and lnb's ( C & Kuband). And I sold the...
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    If you just go for the higher powered circular sats, and not your True South Sat, (unless your TS sat happens to be 82W) then you will have a tough time ever getting your motor and dish to track the sat belt properly. There are several posts on how to find your True South Sat and setting that...
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    What PCI do you recommend

    My vote is for the 1020a as well. Works well with every DVB program I've thrown at it. If you are wanting to do some of the HD fta stuff as well as 4:2:2 video, then it depends on how powerful a computer you will be using it with. The Twinhan is just a tuner and does no on-board proccessing...
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    Digiwave L/C invacom competitor

    Unless I'm mistaken, the Invacom cannot distinguish between Circular and Linear polarity. It has seperate outputs for for each one and you have to connect either a DiseqC switch or an 22Khz switch to select between them. QPH-031 Invacom 0.3dB DBS and VSAT LNBs plus VSAT Ku Band Transmitters -...