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    I would like to receive the channel sportsmax but i realize i would have to have a C-band dish. i am thinking about trying a 1.2m offset dish or a 160cm dish from digiwave. Howevere i am unsure if this channel is FTA or encrypted. I checked lyngsat and noticed that it is listed under two...
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    Motor HH90 Problem

    I have a motorized system driven by a coolsat 5000. My antenna is 90cm and is mounted on a stab HH90 motor. It has been working fine until yesteday morning. I was watching GolTv on 110W then I tried to switch to 103W but the motor did not move. I then tried PAS9 at 58W and same result. I used...
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    Coolsat 5000 with Prime Focus Dish

    I have a motorized FTA setup with two coolsats (4000 and 5000). I would like to pick up the channel Sportmax on Intelsat 707 at 53W. I am planning to get a 150cm PrimeFocus dish with a C-band LNB but I am not sure how this would work on the coolsat 5000 when changing polarity. I have been...
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    Two LNBs on one dish and Clarke belt

    I have a KU and DSS band LNBs on a 75cm motorized dish (DISEQc 1.2). The KU is in the centre and the DSS is offset to the left ( standing behind the dish ). My true south satellite is AMC5. I noticed that I am able to pick up AMC5, Nimiq2 and Echostar6/8 without adjusting the elevation of the...
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    Wiring of DiseqC switch to Coolsat 4000 receiver, two LNBs and motor.

    I am new to his FTA stuff. I have a coolsat 4000 pro receiver, 30 inch dish, a digiwave DGHH-990 motor, KU band,DSS LNBs and, 4x1 DiseqC switch. I am confused about two things. 1. How to wire the switch to the motor and two LNBs. The switch will have two wires coming from it(LNB1, LNB2) but...