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    Dish Pointing help needed- Western Arc plus wing dish

    I'm sure it has been covered, but I cannot find what I need to know. We have a 1000.2 pointed to western arc 110, 119, and 129, and can't get 129 because of trees. We also have a Dish 500 pointed to 61.5. We get Kansas City locals. We are missing some of our hd channels including HGTV and...
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    Help me with HD upgrade/package selection.

    We are subscribed to the Classic Bronze 100+ package watching on 2 HDTV's through a 322 receiver that we own. I want to upgrade to HD, and am trying to lower the bill at the same time, but it doesn't look like that part is working well. I have a 411 on the way, and will add another 211/411...