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    problems getting d** to provide free programming

    has anyone had d** tell them they cant give you free HBO or showtime if you already subscribe to the premier programming package? i was told that its already charged to me monthly so they cant give it free. it seems that all they have to do is credit my account monthly for 3, 6 or however many...
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    help in installing a 2nd multiswitch

    i currently have a triple lnb dish running thru a zinwell 6x8 multiswitch on my roof. i have this connected to both HD and SD tv's in my house. problem is i need at least 2 more tv's to be hooked up and i dont want to drill more holes in my house. I want to add the additional connection...
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    help me with multiple multiswitch question please!!!!

    I NEED HELP PLEASE!!! i have a 3-lnb D** dish run thru a Zinwell 6x8 multiswitch on the roof. because of the poor previous calbe instal i had to drill into the house for each line of sat. my question is can i connect another multiswitch to one of the sat lines inside of the house in order...