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    Trouble using DP Plus Seperator + 722

    Hey all, I am having trouble using a DP Plus Separator on my VIP 722. I have a Dish 1000 hooked up to a Dish Pro Videopath Multi-Dish Switch Model DP34 The Switch has 4 satellite outs. #1 is going to the main room w/ 722 #2 is going to a bedroom w/ HD receiver #3 & 4 are going to a master...
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    Program Logitech speakers into AUX

    Hey all, I wanted to be able to program my Logitech speakers which are hooked up to my TV into the Dish remote to control this a pretty simple thing to do? I don't have any codes and searching didn't seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Cancel Dish for better Deal?

    Hey All, I have been using Dish now for over 2 years and I really want to keep the service but can't afford it right now. I was wondering if you think it would be worth it for me to cancel my service since its been 2 years and start it up again for a deal?? I was paying for a deal at first...
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    Best way to Sign up for Dish!

    Hey All, I am a long time Comcast user who has now turned to hate those guys and I want to switch over to Dish Network. I am brand new to Satellite TV period and was going to sign up through their website but noticed these forums and all the information on deals and Club referrel codes and...