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    MLB commissioner Selig appears to be "considering" reinstatement for Pete Rose

    Um, wrong. Selig has absolutely nothing to do with the HOF ineligibility. The HOF is a private organization that sets its own rules independent of MLB. Selig has no authority over them. The HOF did decide to add a rule that ppeople who are permanently ineligible from MLB would also be...
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    NCAA Football 2009-10 PreSeason

    Actually, the primetime game against USC will be on ESPN, not ABC. ABC is carrying NASCAR that night and does not have a primetime game.
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    ESPN you won't even show Phillies/Rays?

    Well, MLBN is carrying the World Series rematch on Thursday.
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    US Soccer needs a miracle to advance....and gets it!(FINAL GAME SPOILERS)

    Even if they lose, they also get the benefit of playing the third place match -- almost surely against host South Africa, which will be good experience as well (though they did play South Africa last year in a friendly). And if they pull off the shocker and get by Spain (even if by penalty...
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    UFL 2009 Season

    I think there is enough interest in pro football that a secondary league could actually be successful if done properly. I'm glad to see the UFL proceeding, though I don't know if midweek games and a fall schedule are idea. Also, only 4 teams is pretty small. I actually like the odds of the...
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    Pac-10 hopes to launch its own TV network

    Then there's this note on a cbssports blog ... Could a new network be a combined effort of the Pac-10 and the ACC? From the article:
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    Pac-10 hopes to launch its own TV network

    That's not true. The new TV deals for the SEC enable the teams there to basically be on par with the BTN in terms of shared revenues per team (the SEC will generate slightly more, but they also have an extra team). The SEC will certainly not be "dwarfing" the Big Ten, though these two...
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    Pac-10 hopes to launch its own TV network

    Those numbers pre-date are from 2007 and 2008. The SEC's new mega-deal with Disney starts this season (2009) and will jump their revenue up quite a bit. As for the Pac-10, I actually think this is a good idea for them. With reasonable prices and distribution demands, they shouldn't have much...
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    Big Ten football championship game?

    Certainly PSU has said that they'd only do a long term deal if it unbalanced with more games at PSU. That's been clear. But that's not unique to Pitt -- they simply haven't signed long term deals with any team and simply don't want to be tied to one team unless they get extra home games out of...
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    Big Ten football championship game?

    Right, that's exactly it. Pitt basketball fans have no problems avoiding the distractions of the city to go to games at the Pete. Poor attendance has nothing to do with other things to spend money on and everything to do with people simply not being interested enough in the product. Similarly...
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    Big Ten football championship game?

    Even if the state were to obligate it (and if they did, I think that's reaching far beyond their dutes), they would have to compel both PSU and Pitt to not only play each other but also to play Temple who is also Div 1-A and public. I don't see how you could justify forcing PSU and Pitt to play...
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    Big Ten football championship game?

    PSU has offered Pitt the same two year home/home series they have offered other eastern teams (like Syracuse, BC, Rutgers) and Pitt turned it down. Pitt would only agree to a long term deal 1-1 deal which PSU doesn't want to do with any team. So, I don't see how anyone can attribute either...
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    Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium

    I was kind of surprised/disappointed that the Phillies didn't incorporate some visual elements from Connie Mack Stadium into CBP. Not that CBP isn't a very nice stadium, but it's sort of generically retro whereas imitating Connie Mack would have added some uniqueness. IMHO.
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    NCAA Football 2009-10 PreSeason

    Kinda odd to have the spring game during Easter weekend, isn't it?
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    MLB Net Adds Live Saturday Games

    Nice. I was pretty surprised to see MLBN going with only one game a week -- the real value in these team run channels is the live games. That said, thanks to the large number of daily games, the live highlight show at night is actually quite valuable. I'd really like to see them add some...
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    MLB Network Thurs. Night Lineups Announced

    Whatever happened to the possibility of Sat night games on MLBN?
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    The WBC vs. The NCAA Tourney

    I've watched a bunch of both. They really haven't conflicted much. I really love the WBC and can't wait for the next edition... I just hope the US has a manager who actually plays to win instead of doing the "everyone plays" crap that Johnson did.
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    2008-09 College Bowl Season

    You do realize that PSU has a darn good defense as well, right? That is going to be a low scoring game in all liklihood so USC better be able to put some points on the board if they want to win.
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    2008-09 College Bowl Season

    Isn't USC versus PSU isn't "like" a third place game? The winner of that game would have as much claim to the title as the actual BCS championship game winner.
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    The MLB Network starts Jan. 1

    Why not do both Thur and Sat nights? Two nights a week of live games would be a solid amount, as it is the live games that makes a sports network worthwhile. Couple that with a 1-2 nights of minor league games each week plus the requisite studio shows and classic games and you have a pretty...