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    Fortec Passion--Where are you!!!

    Subject says it all !! :river I'm still saving my change and selling all the beer cans I can pick up. BUT, would love to know what the price will be and when this bad boy is gonna show up...........if ever!! grusome
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    Fortec Passion

    Seems to me I remember reading a post here from one of our sponsors that they would be posting a review of the new Fortec Passion HD STB soon. That was several weeks ago. I am curious what happened. I'm still saving my pennies for one. Especially if it has 4:2:2 and blindscan abilities. I...
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    ginpix, dvbtech & 8psk module

    Besides what others use these devices for, I have been curious as to what people are able to receive that is FTA with either the genpix or dvbtech USB devices and a 8psk module. Is there that much stuff availabe that having these devices is worth spending the money for? Just to be clear, I...
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    More HD questions

    Well, did some scanning on SBS6 today with my Pansat 2700a and found some transponders that had what appeared to be HD content on them ( two to be exact). I had to manually enter the channel info from the Pansat to my DVB program, ProgDVB and then attempted to watch the program. I have been...
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    Problems with Audio on HD Channels

    Been experimenting with HD using ProgDVB & Twinhan 1020a. Installed on a P4 3.0Ghz, w/512megs ram & Gforce3 Video Card w/128Megs ram. Video is great on AMC3 PBS and Nimiq2 HD Promo channel. BUT, the audio sounds like someone that has inhaled helium and stutters!! On regular channels, the...
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    Will this work for HD?

    Sorry if this has already been asked, I looked and did not see a clear answer. I have a P4 1.7Ghz with 1 Gig ram, Nvidia Gforce3 Video card (128meg ram) and SB card. Have a Twinhan 1020a PC card. I have got it working with my 31" Fortec Dish & SG2100 motor ( currently using my Pansat 2700a...
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    Blackbelt TV

    I had to manually add Amazonas to my Pansat 2700a and using USALS I was able to get in the general area and then bump it over to Amazonas. I did a blind scan and found something like 150+ channels ( most scrambled) but, no Blackbelt TV!! I double checked LyngSat and I am sure I'm on the right...
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    Which switch to use?

    First, I want to say thank you to all the people that post here. I have been able to read enough to get my new, Pansat 2700a , SG2100 motor, 33"Fortec dish and Universal LNB going. (finally!!) I want to add a Dish500 that is on my roof to the setup. It has a DISHPRO Dual LNB on it, with only...