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    Is Dish offering the HBO preview this weekend?

    I'm seeing online Directv and cable is offering it but haven't seen for sure if Dish is or not. Anyone know for sure?
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    Anyone else's locals go "Off Air" at 1AM?

    All my locals in the Greensboro NC market are showing up in my guide as Off Air and when I try to view the channels, I am getting a "Channel Not Available" message. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Is HBO On Demand/HBO Anytime available with the free preview?

    This is my first time in a while not subscribing to HBO and I see where a free preview was just lit up, is HBO On Demand and/or HBO Anytime available with the preview?
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    What's with all the recent channel moves?

    Been noticing all the channels moving lately (SoapNet, Outdoor Channel, Reelz), is this to open up spots for new channels? MLB Network would seem logical in Outdoor's old spot, anyone heard anything?
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    Heavy pixelation on just one transponder?

    Hey guys, was hoping some of you could help with this. Went over to my parents for dinner tonight and I was told they were having some issues with a few channels on their satellite (they have E*). Dad flipped to 154, NFL Network, and the channel would frequently break up and freeze and would...
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    HBO Zone in SD?

    Any chance this channel loses the HD-only treatment Dish is giving it and adds it in SD to channel 308 as well? Would seem to make since Dish is increasing the price of HBO..
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    HBO Zone

    Saw where they are adding all the HBOs in HD on 8/1. Will the SD version of HBO Zone be included in the HBO package or will it just be the HD version added?
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    Anyone else experiencing signal drops this afternoon?

    Watching the Cubs game on WGN and I am getting the "acquiring signal" for a split second every once in a while. It's doing it on all my recievers so it's not a receiver issue.
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    Corrupt recording on 508?

    Hey guys, got a quick question. I tried watching a recording on my 508 last night that was an hour long(and says length is 1 hour in my "My Recordings" list). However, when I tried to start the event, it immediately flipped back to the program info screen giving me the option to "Start Over"...
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    Any way to tell if E* gets your locals via fiber or OTA?

    My locals that I'm getting since the distants were shut off don't look as good as the New York distants, but they look comparable to the Los Angeles distants. I assume NY and LA are via fiber, but does Dish get most of their locals through OTA? I assumed my locals were OTA, but after getting...
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    new distant networks- awful quality??!!

    How's the quality of the NPS Atlanta/SF distants? I'm interested in any reports from those that have been successful adding these so far. A big draw of the distants to many is the picture quality usually being superior to locals, but I am hearing mixed reviews on some of the NPS distants. If...
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    Opinions on best 2-tuner DVR?

    If Dish doesn't get some legislation to reverse the injunction, I am going to have to start timeshifting my locals :mad: I currently have 3 508s and have not had experience with Dish's 2-tuner DVRs but from what I understand the current model is the 625 and the 721 is the older model? Which one...
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    Everyone please visit ASAP

    The website is back up and channel 240 has been updated. Everyone please go to and fill out the form letter to inform your local congress and senate members about the threat of the distant network shutoff. Even if you don't recieve distant networks, this injunction affects...
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    Anyone with distants have their locals turned on this morning?

    I have NY/LA distants (I have waivers) and do not subscribe to my locals. This morning I am scrolling through the guide and I see below channel 100 that my locals are in the guide. Is this some attempt by Dish to get me to cancel my distants? I do not want these, so should I call Dish and...
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    FOX News and HGTV out?

    Anyone having problems with these two channels right now? Both are giving me a "signal lost" message but I have 110 signal strength.
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    Add MASN already Dish!!

    The blackouts are already starting, it seems like anyone on the east coast is blacked on anything involving the Nationals. Get MASN up already E*, it can't be that expensive, let's go already.
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    Question for anyone with the Multi Sport package

    Preseason baseball games are starting soon, and I was wondering how Dish is handling the blackouts. I canceled my Multi Sport pack last fall after the blackouts kept increasing, but with this package you never know how they handle the preseason games so if anyone has this package and can check...
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    Lifetime is BACK!

    "Content forthcoming. Stay tuned for more details!" :confused: Should be interesting
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    Is Dish still negotiating with OLN?

    I know everyone is talking about Lifetime now(I couldn't care less), but is Dish still talking with OLN? Scott, have you heard anything recently?
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    Is Dish ever going to add any more channels?

    I am so fed up with E*, cable and Direct regularly add channels and E* doesn't add ANYTHING besides locals and foreign channels. They are really lagging behind in the basics. Where is NFL NETWORK??!?! Where is Oxygen?? These are BASIC CABLE channels, and it's beyond pathetic that E* doesn't...