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    Burning Smell

    When I came home from work last night, there was an electronic burning smell in the room where my 722K is. I have had the 722K for 10 months with no problems and it is acting normal today. There has been no smell since last night. The only other electronics I have in the room are a DVD player...
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    Telephone Rings when hooked to 722K

    I had a 722K installed about a month ago. I have it connected to a landline telephone line. Ever since I had it hooked up, my telephone rings with one ring in the middle of the night around 3am. Nothing is recorded on caller ID. This happens a couple times a week, but I don't know if it happens...
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    Pausing on 722K

    I'm still playing around with all of the features on my new 722K. When you pause live TV or pause a recorded show, is there a way to get rid of the pause bar at the bottom of the screen? Hitting cancel only adds more clutter on the screen (the title bar at the top). Sometimes I want to read...
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    2nd Remote for 722K

    I just got a 722K installed. I want to have a 2nd remote for TV1 so my wife and I won't fight over the remote and we'll each have our own. If I ordered the replacement remote from Dish for $20, will I be able to use both remotes for TV1?
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    Service is Out

    Anyone else have service out? We had a 4 hour power outage. When I turned TV on after outage, it says ERROR 002. PLEASE WAIT OR PRESS CHANNEL UP/DOWN. When I press channel up and down, some channels come in while others do not. Most channels are out. When I check signal strength, it is...
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    622 or 625

    I want to take advantage of the Dishnitup promo. I currently have two 311s. I want to switch to a DVR receiver, but I don't have an HD TV but plan on getting one within the next 18 months. Will the HD 622 receiver still work on my non-HD TV, or will I have to get the SD 625 now and upgrade...
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    311 Guide Update

    I am new to Dish and have two 311 receivers. I have a Tivo connected to both of them, so I cannot leave the receiver off overnight to update the Guide info or whatever other software update it needs. Is there a way to manually have the receiver call out to download software updates or guide info?
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    Dish Home Interactive Channels

    Is there a way to change the channels that are displayed on channel 100, or are they set by Dish? That would be cool if I could have 3 or 4 football games on it during football season!
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    Buy or Lease

    I've pretty much decided to get Dish Network. Is it better to buy the equipment from a local retailer, like Radio Shack, or go with someone like All American Dish and lease the equipment? What are the pros and cons. I notice that many of these places will give the dish and one receiver free.
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    A Stupid Question

    I am thinking of getting Dish Network. I've never had satellite before. I will need 2 TVs in separate rooms hooked up. From what I understand, I will get 1 receiver to hook up the 2 TVs. If the receiver is hooked up to a TV in Room 1, do you have to be in room 1 to change the channel in...