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    VIP722 - HDMI cable included?

    I've read through several threads and I cannot seem to find a concesus on where the 722 comes with an HDMI cable. Anyone have any input on this? Is it up to the installer? My TV is mounted on the wall and the cable will be routed through the wall (don't worry...I'm not going to make the...
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    Existing Customer - Can I get New Customer Deals?

    Not sure if the topic "crosses the line" on this board..If so, sorry. If not, then... Can I cancel my service and sign up for new service w/ my wife's name and SSN to get the DishHD DVR for free? Do they have restrictions on using the same physical address?
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    Noob! Is this a good deal?

    I've been looking for a setup for tailgating...and I checked the local classifieds. Here is what I found....Two 322's with Dual LNB Dish. I called the guy and he said he would take $30. I'm waiting for him to email me the R/S #'s to check balance. If the receivers are $0 balance...Is it a...