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    Dish 311 for sale

    I have a new 311 cardless receiver for sale for $65. It was my personal unit that is only 1 month old. I canceled to go to Diect for locals. Remote, manual and cables are included. Unit is in perfect condition with no scratches or marks of any kind. There is no balance on the unit as my account...
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    Anyone own a RCA DRD486?

    Looking for info about the 486. I am interested in getting it for the component video connection. Can anyone tell me if it is any better than the 435 and does it have the same layout for the info banner and the guide? A screen shot of both would be nice if anyone could take one please.
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    What type of connection? S-Vid of Comp.

    What type of connection? S-Vid or Comp. I am looking to get a new receiver with component connections but not sure if there is much difference between what I get with S-vid hook up. Anyone know if the component connection with the RCA 486 gives any better PQ than the RCA 435 with S-vid?
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    Which receiver

    I am looking to swtch from E* to D* but would like some input on receiver name brand. I am leaning toward Hughes but would like some feedback. Any thoughts?