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    Dish 622 multi-room upgrade help

    My wife has given me the green light to upgrade our family room TV from the old CRT I've had since college to a nice HDTV so I want to strike while the iron is hot. I'd appreciate some help. Here is my current setup -- Dish 622 receiver in the basement, with a 51" projection HDTV connected by...
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    Free Starz preview 6/20-6/22

    as usual, no public announcement by E*, just a little square advertising the preview on the Starz page of their website. Enjoy.
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    single/dual mode via remote?

    with all this talk about the new 622 software having side-by-side PIP, it reminded me of a question I meant to ask months ago -- is there a button on the remote that will let you switch between single and dual mode? I like to leave my receiver in dual mode but when I want PIP I have to get up...
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    annual pricing?

    does Dish Network still offer annual pricing where you basically get one month free?
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    HD locals on satellite vs. OTA

    so I have the 622 but do not yet get HD locals over the satellite (Cleveland), but I do get them via OTA. Here's my question -- when Cleveland does starting getting HD locals over the satellite, will I still be able to get them OTA? If yes, then how do I know which source the 622 is using...
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    HDMI switch

    because of the problems with HDMI outputs on 942s and 622s, I've been looking for an HDMI switch so I can connect both my Dish 622 and my DVD player to my HDTV (which has only one HDMI input). Most of the ones I'm finding are silly expensive ($150+), but here I find this one that is only $30...