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  1. Keith Brannen

    Xenforo Upgrade

    In the "Mark forums read" you use to be able to mark all forums (as it is now) or only select the current forum you are in. Any way to bring that back? As well, there use to be a new post count "bubble" nearby it, which I found helpful (especially since I automatically go the the FTA forum to...
  2. Keith Brannen

    Xenforo Upgrade

    I like it back on the right!
  3. Keith Brannen

    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    That was the case back in 2014 with OETA when they were on 125W, the engineer at the station (thread on it over at had to do some minor adjustments to their 6.3M transmit antenna alignment for “center of box” which corrected a similar cyclical fading.
  4. Keith Brannen

    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    Like mc6809e, I have been keeping readings these past few days. Unlike him, I haven't been including the weather report! IIRC most days have been cloudy or with sun, no rain. Today was mainly sunny, with cloudy periods at times. Attached are the readings. What I have noticed is that mid-day is...
  5. Keith Brannen

    Help identifying satellite

    You are on 101W (I don't have an LNB on the satellite any more, but my list of transponders matches some of the ones you got).
  6. Keith Brannen

    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    As noted above, I am using an 80cm, and tonight my SQ is up to 56-58 (on the Azbox) with no pixelation, up from 52 (where I had pixelation) earlier today.
  7. Keith Brannen

    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    The signal has definitely dropped recently. I reported on a thread here back in August that I was getting the PBS Mux at 90-92 SQ on the AzBox on an 80cm dish. I did notice a drop the last few days (but no picture loss or pixelation). Today I am getting SQ at 52 with strong pixelation, didn't...
  8. Keith Brannen

    need help with recent changes

    I am assuming that you have the 75e set up correctly as far as skew and elevation for your location. If so, then by your statement above, "It looks exactly like the same positioning as my old round dish but I cannot get a signal." do you mean that the LNB arm of the new dish is pointed to the...
  9. Keith Brannen

    97W Assryasat has Monday Night Movie

    Looks like they are repeating the movie right now.
  10. Keith Brannen

    Press TV on 97W

    Press TV is back, now on 12029 H 22000.
  11. Keith Brannen

    Coolsat Remote Control switch question

    If you don't want to spend much and don't mind an old receiver, check something like (I see, for example, that in the Greater Montreal area there is a Pansat 2700E,with remote, for $25.00.)
  12. Keith Brannen

    What bird/TP to test H-265?

    Only TV Marti and Marti radio are still on the transponder (been that way for around a week?). They seemed to have problems with some of their H265 channels (equipment problems?). Hopefully, they will add to it soon.
  13. Keith Brannen

    What bird/TP to test H-265?

    You are in the footprint, see Satbeams - World Of Satellites at your fingertips I only get 11304 on my 80cm dish, you might get more. On the chart I linked, the channels in gray are not active, so there is nothing H265 up there right now on Ku. Keep an eye out in the "FTA - What's Up There"...
  14. Keith Brannen

    What bird/TP to test H-265?

    No, Eutelsat is also Ku Band. While not in English, this site is usually fairly good at updates: StarOne C1, Eutelsat 65 West A (65.0º W) :. EDS Blog You also need a Universal LNB to get the low band channels.
  15. Keith Brannen

    What bird/TP to test H-265?

    They were there, but are gone at the present time (just one channel in the mux, not H265).
  16. Keith Brannen

    How to tell if FTA product is legit

    Well, I'll have to disagree with your statements. There were several MPEG-4 consumer receivers available at the time (Pansats, Coolsats, etc.) which as far as I am aware seemed to be designed for the N.A. market. Plus, other than a strictly N.A. satellite list (which, by the way, the dealer I...
  17. Keith Brannen

    How to tell if FTA product is legit

    What??? I bought my AZBox in late 2010 (and it had been out for a while before then) and bought from "our market", and Coolsats out in 2008 did MPEG-4. Don't understand what you are trying to imply.
  18. Keith Brannen

    Digital Antennas (1998)

    Newer version here: Tropospheric DX Modes Same site as primestar31 mentioned earlier in the thread which has the Tropospheric Ducting Forecasts. A very interesting site.
  19. Keith Brannen

    99.0 W. KU

    Same here, but right now just the one scans in (with the PIDs listed in cyberham's screenshot). Don't know why he is not getting video, I am getting it on my AZBox fine. cyberham, try clearing out the channels on the transponder and re-scanning.
  20. Keith Brannen

    Trying to get 125 W and PBS

    With those numbers, I think you are on 129W (Ciel 2). Lyngsat says there is a spot beam (Spot 25) at that frequency which does include your area. EDIT: I use a 80cm dish for 125W and get very strong signals for the PBS mux (90-92 right now on the AZBox).