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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    It looks like next Saturday nights NASCAR race in Kansas will be broadcast in 4k on channel 540-01. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    DISH Expands Amazon Alexa Voice Control Support

    That makes sense. I ordered a dot yesterdsy while it was on sale. It will be be here tomorrow. I will hook it up in my bedroom.
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    DISH Expands Amazon Alexa Voice Control Support

    When I link my Joey to alexa, I don't see my echo listed to choose. I see reverb, 2nd reverb, 3rd reverb and amazon apps. Do I need a dot or another echo to connect to? Can I use my echo for both my hopper and joey? I have deleted as well as enabled/disabled the dish skill and repaired it...
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    **Team Summit Update**

    The dish anywhere app is available for the Amazon fire TV. I downloaded it and then activated it and can now watch live TV without a Joey. I haven't seen the dish Alexa skill yet, but sounds like it will be here soon. Sent from my SM-G955U using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Question regarding the Auto pay discount

    I chatted with dish network and am upgrading from the original hopper to the hooper 3 on March 10th. I asked if there was a discount for signing up for paperless and or auto pay and was told no, the discount is only for people using flex pack. I have the top 250 package. Is there a...
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    Add me to the list for the hopper 3 update
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    BB@ Home disc By Mail Ending September 19th

    If a person is paying the extra money to receive two or three disks at a time, does that mean they get to keep two or three disks?
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    TV Input button

    Thanks for the input.I will have him try the a/b switch.
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    TV Input button

    A friend of mine upgraded to a 2 hopper/ 2 joey setup this week (had VIP 722k & 222k). One hopper is in the basement - joey in the kitchen. The other hopper is set up in the living room and joey is in the bedroom. He went to watch a dvd in his bedroom and wasnt able to access it without...
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    New S229 Feature - Bluetooth Audio

    what is different in S230 than S229?
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    OTA and Hopper

    it is good to know manual timers are coming. they can't come quick enough.
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    BIG 10 is BACK - A Deal Has Been Reached!

    how long is the agreement for?
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    BIG 10 is BACK - A Deal Has Been Reached!

    I know it happens. over the post couple of years i have seen it happen to direct tv, mediacom as well as dish. these negotiations can happen on any provider. i am unhappy but don't feel it's worth switching providers. i got the hopper when it came out and have have about 18 months left on my...
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    BIG 10 is BACK - A Deal Has Been Reached!

    i just an email from the big ten network. i signed up for announcements. They recommend dish users to make alternate plans to view the games this weekend. the mention that dish wants special treatment. it doesn't look like this will be resolved by game time. it's too bad they also blocked dish...
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    BIG 10 is BACK - A Deal Has Been Reached!

    It is on now which I'm glad but will it be on at 2:30 when the Iowa game starts. Go hawks. It would be nice if they would post what the status is. Did they reach an agreement, is it short term.
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    BIG 10 is BACK - A Deal Has Been Reached!

    Hopefully we will find out some good news today.
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    hopper update time

    I agree dish needs to add all of those features to the hopper.
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    Help with Internet Connectivity

    I assume you mean hitting red blue red correct. I will try this after primetime anytime gets done recording. I am having the same issue not connecting to the internet. I have a hopper internet connector and before yesterday everything had been working with my hopper since it was installed a few...
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    when did s221 come out ?

    I have s221 on both hoppers. One thing I noticed is that when it is recording channels on primetime anytime and I go to the primetime anytime folder, the shows that are being recorded are not displayed at the top of the screen. You have to scroll through the titles to find out what is...
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    External hard drive for hopper

    I have a 2tb western digital hard drive hooked up to my hopper. Make sure it is powered independently. I'm not at home but I think I have the element external hard drive.