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    Telstar5 (Intelsat5) - will 26" dish do it?

    I'm getting ready to get hooked up with Globecast TV for Setanta and some international programming (German and Polish). I have a 26" Dish ready and am also looking for a Free To Air receiver that will also work with Globecast TV card. Please help me choose the right IRD. Thank you
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    VOOM Channels on DVR510?

    I can not seem to find their channels on DVR510 why? You are paying for them and they still can be watched on SD TV. Why exclude them? Any workarounds?
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    offer from dish...this is better!!!!

    Well, I placed an order using the link and promo code and was charged $49.99 anyway. What a mess they have there ..
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    offer from dish...this is better!!!!

    I called in and they said it is OK. I'm pretty sure they will be some problems about that anyway.
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    offer from dish...this is better!!!!

    Can you get one HD and one DVR receiver instead of 2 HD's?
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    Just got email from Dish (Voom offer)

    Can you get one HD and one DVR receiver?
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    Anyone know what the real Dish/Voom deal is?

    I called in but they DO NOT waive the activation fee anymore (supposedly ended doing that on 04/30). Too bad as this would be a great deal!
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    Two Dish 942's for $250 upgrade fee?

    Ohhh, dual tuner! I get it now. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Two Dish 942's for $250 upgrade fee?

    I tried to price on the Dish Network site and that's what it says. Is that for real? I can get 2 of them for just ONE upgrade fee or is it for each?
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    3-Room HD w/ 942 Install question...

    Thanks, just wanted to see if there are any other deals out there.
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    3-Room HD w/ 942 Install question...

    shanewalker, may I ask how much you paid for that 942 and two 811?
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    Am I getting the BEST deal I can from Comcast???

    So far I got Digital Silver (all channels plus 1 premium package) with DVR/HDTV and HSI (High Speed Internet) for $79.99 for one year plus $100 cash towards the next 2 bills and $25 BestBuy gift card and free install. Total coming out to be $71.65/month (without gift card). Pretty good deal I...
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    Explain this????It's dated today

    :rolleyes: Don't forget to add other places east of them either :rolleyes: ;)
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    Full signals - still getting freezing, why?

    I have 5 channels in Little Rock I want to watch and tried CM4224 antenna with CM7777 preamp and spent seven hours but was not able to get all the channels at once. I have RS yagi antenna and decided to go with 2 antenna setup (our towers are in COMPLETE OPOSITE directions). I spent almost...
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    Local channels via Satellite?

    Well, that is what the VOOM CSR Tech said while requesting one of the new units to be swapped (nothing wrong with it, it was not added to inventory and could not be registered). He said they are working on contracts to move local channels to be broadcasted via satellite instead of external...
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    OTA in Little Rock, AR

    If you live in Little Rock, AR please post your experiences with local channels and types of antenna you use, etc. Thanks!
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    2004 Academy of Digital Television Pioneers (DTV Academy) Awards

    Well it says Digital TV not HDTV. Having millions of customers using their DIGITAL programming, I would actually be suprised it was not them or DISH. I would vote for Dish though. BTW, I'm a VOOMER :)
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    Successful installation in Little Rock, AR

    Thanks. I need to add that VOOM has gone a long way to make this work and even though I might run into some issues, the system works 300% better then it did 6-8 months ago.
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    Successful installation in Little Rock, AR

    Reporting from Little Rock ... Well, I got the installer to finally show up at 8:30PM (took me few calls to VOOM), and installed the dish myself while installer was on the phone registering the units. I run and hooked the cables, found the signal with no satellite finder (with my bare hands)...