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    Already have KU, would like C band

    Hi all. I currently have a setup with a 76cm dish and am able to receive analog and digital ku. I do not know what kind of LNB i have and don't feel like going up on the roof to check. I was wondering what all I need to purchase to be able to receive analog c-band signals. I am mainly...
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    AMC2 Ku Analog Test Card

    There used to be KU Analog Test Color Bars on AMC2 at 11820H. Either it came off the air today or my dish is not aligned. Can someone check this for me please? Thanks much!
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    Satellite Interview Downlink

    I produce a weekly news/talk show that airs on cable stations in Illinois. We're going to try something new on one of our next shows. We're going to be downlinking and participating in a satellite interview with Brooke Anderson. She is a former CNN/FOX News reporter and she is talking about...
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    Picked up new (used) analog receiver

    I just received my Videoplus VP1000 analog ku receiver that I purchased on ebay. I got it for 10 bucks and believe it or not it works! I don't know squat about analog, but I am able to pick some stuff off of my 76cm dish. I am still moving the dish via my Lifetime Ultra receiver. I have...
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    Best satellites for news feeds

    Hi all, I just now got my motor working (after a year of sitting on the shelf). I used to be locked to IA6. I like watching news feeds from FOX, CBS, etc. Now that I can move my dish, where should I go next? Which satellite is the most active for news feeds? SBS6? AMC..? I currently only...
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    receiver / lnb problem. only getting vertical now

    All of a sudden, I can only get vertical transponders on my system. I was doing fine on IA6 with both V/H tps. But something happened overnight! I can only get vertical transponders now...and they come in as horizontal! For example, CBS Newspath comes in at 11711 HORIZONTAL instead of...
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    Strength level drops from 80 to 20

    All of a sudden my strength level drops down to 20% and I can't figure it out. My dish was working fine on almost all satellites...with great quality/strength. But now for some reason, after staying on a channel for about a minute, the strength drops to right around 20%. To fix it, I just...
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    ABC News Now on IA6 Back (temporarily?)

    ABC News Now is back on IA6 today. Maybe just temporary for the death of the Pope. 11940 V SR 3979
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    2 recievers, 1 to setup?

    I have 2 recievers that I want to use on the same (single) LNB. It's not a dual LNB so I would only be using one reciever at a time, obviously. The thing is, I dont want to unscrew the LNB coax and plug it in to the other reciever when I want to use it. Is there any way I can hook the LNB up...
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    Just got new Fortec, thinking about motor

    Ok, so I just forked out some money to buy a Fotec Lifetime Ultra from someone locally. I got it to be used with a motor later on this summer (to replace my satwork that doesn't accept motors.) So I've got a questions about USALS (I think thats right?!?!?) Since I had a VERY HARD time...
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    Favor to record???

    Hey guys...tomorrow I need to record two things off of my KU dish at the same time but I only have one receiver. I'm willing to pay someone for the tape and their time...or even captured to your computer. It's on IA6 tomorrow at 9:00-10:00am Eastern on a CBS feed. Send me a PM or an email...
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    Anyone on AMC 9 tonight see Bradley Basketball?

    Just wondering if anyone had their analog Ku dish on AMC 9 tonight and saw the Bradley Braves playing a team from Terre Haute, IN. It was on analog transponder 12. I'm just curious because I was watching/helping the satellite truck operator before the game aired. --Brian
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    Satellite News Gathering info Book

    Hey guys. For Christmas I got a book that is about everything you could possibly want to know about Satellite News Gathering. It explains how the signal is made for us people who watch FTA signals. It's mainly about breaking news and sports feeds, but it is very helpful if you've ever...
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    Still new to FTA...few update questions for PSB and others...

    First off, I'm still getting around 35-40% quality on IA6...what quality should I aim for when I re-align the dish next week? Second...I'm confused about the transponder frequencies I'm getting. First off, Lord & Taylor comes in at 12166 and Sym Rate 03000...shouln't it be 12173? I don't...
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    First snow storm...having problems

    I have a 30" ku dish from PSB. It was working fine but today we had an unexpected snow storm in Peoria, IL. Its about 2-3 inches on the ground. THe snow isn't heavy now, but I'm getting 0% Quality. What do you think happened? Is this normal? By the way, before it I was getting about 40% on...
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    Grounding - Important? Required?

    I have a 30" FTA dish and it isn't grounded. How important is this? Is it required? What might happen? Cause fire, damage? Thanks guys
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    ABC Live Shot Satellite list

    Hey guys...I came across a list of all the satellites and transponders that ABC will be using tomorrow night for the Elections. ABC alone will have over 140 different live shot satellite paths around the country. I'll post the info for IA6 (T6). If anyone wants a different satellite list, let...
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    Motorized Automatic Mobile Ku Dish

    Has anyone here ever heard of a mobile KU automatic motorized FTA dish? Something similar to the automatic dishes at I want to travel with ku FTA access, but dont want to aim the dish every time. ANyone have any ideas? I've already asked Peter Bain, but am seeing if anyne had...