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    Onkyo 705 Receiver and Remote Problem

    I can turn on my Onkyo TX SR-705 with my Dish remote. Can't turn it off. The installer did this and I don't know what he did. I have tried all the codes in the Dish booklet but none of them work. Any suggestions as this is the only piece of equipment that won't work with my Dish remote.
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    Need a little fine tuning advice

    Just had my 2-722 Dish receivers installed Saturday and am tuned into 110, 119, and 129 in the zip 24151. If I want to make sure I am getting the best signal what is the proper procedure for "tweaking"? Everything is working except I am oftehn getting a "partial signal" error a on one of my...
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    What exactly is OTA?

    I know it means "over the air" but why should I do it? What do I get out of it? Is is just the ability to record more programs?
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    Best set up suggestions

    I have 2 hd tv and 1 sd tv. Must have dvr and hd on both hd TVs. The sd is just a bathroom-makeup tv only watched 1 hour for news in morning. I've studied 922, 722, 612, 211 etc til I am blue in the face. What would be your set up? I love the interface of the 922 but everyone seems so down...
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    Coming to D***, what do you recommend?

    As of today, I have had it with the Customer Service at the other company. I am switching to D***. I have 3 TV's. One is SD and the other two are HD. Anyways, I've never had D*** and I need advice as to what to equipment to request. I must have DVR on both HD TV's and we don't subscribe to...
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    Best Way to Upgrade to HD?

    My parents are upgrading to DirecTV HD w/o DVR. They are both in their 80's and I am buying the TV's and will have to pay for the upgrade as well. They currently have 2 SD TV's with DirecTV at present and they just got satellite in October 2010. I called Direct and they want $258 to upgrade...
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    Best Wireless Phone Jacks?

    What do you recommend for wireless Phone Jacks to use on my HD DVR receivers. I have 2 and cannot get phone lines to them without major hassle.
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    Weird "Burp" Sound only on FOXHD 360

    Anybody else getting an audio interruption while watching Fox HD channel 360? It happens on both of my TV's. I've called Direct and powered off both HD DVR's but I still get this silence for about 1 second followed by a "burp." Then the sound comes back on. Where do I go from here?
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    Help with my HD Settings

    I'm confused. Under the Direct TV HD Video setup, I can change native, screen format and bar color. What should they be set on? What isthe best setting for my Sony HD TV's? Both TV's are 1080.
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    Wireless Hookup w/Airport Express

    I have an Apple Extreme Base Station running through Embarq DSL for my 2 laptop wireless connections to the internet. It is "impossible" to wire my DVR's directly to the Base Station via ethernet. I want to use 2 Airport Expresses and plug them directly into my 2 DVR's and have them connect...
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    Not getting the Overtimes Recorded

    If I want to record a game from say 4-7 pm. I set it to automatic record. If the game goes to 7:30 it stops at 7 pm. What am I doing wrong? If I want to record a NASCAR race to go back and DVR late Sunday evening, I better hope there was no rain delay or I miss the end of it :( HELP?
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    Which Slimline do I have?

    I just got a replacement receiver. How do I know which SLimline I have to program into my installation? IT says SL5-Z Multi Sat Ka/Ku lnbf, 99, 101, 103, 116, 119. I have all these Slimline choices as I scroll through setup. I have 2 HR21-100's and then just a regular receiver in the...
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    Need small TV for bathroom...

    I need a small TV for my Wife to use in the bathroom while she is getting ready for work in the AM. It needs to connect to a SD Direct Box. If money is an object, what would you purchase?
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    Best Option for Upgrade

    I currently have a 311 running a separate SD TV in the bathroom. Wife watches this while putting her face on in the mornings. I have a 625 with DVR in our main TV room running a SD TV. I have a 811 hooked to our HD Basement TV that gets used for video games 95% of the time and only 5% useage as...