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    TiVo Support for E* HDTV

    There is almost no chance that a SA HDTV Tivo would support the announced Dish Network HDTV receivers.
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    False Charges

    Brain, So when you look under past purchases on your receiver(s), it does not list any PPV purchases? That is very interesting. It sounds like maybe there is some pirate out there using your smartcard information (with a phone connected) to order PPVs.
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    How can they do that?

    Scott, You shouldn't have to return a receiver if you are just adding another for $5/mo. But if you are replacing a receiver, and not incurring another $5/mo, then they want you to send-in the one being replaced (or pay $50 extra).
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    SuperDish Spied in testing!!!

    The Type I shown here is 24" x 34. The Type II is 21" x 36.
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    False Charges

    Brain, You don't have a PVR/Tivo and a teenager in the house, do you? :)
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    Building your own "superdish"

    Bogney, Might you consider repointing to 121 to find out what kind of signal you can get? The satellite at the 121 is operating at roughly the same power that AMC-15 will use late next year.
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    Does the new 811/921 have better 8vsb modules?

    Barry, The 6000 8PSK module uses the BCM4500. Are you confusing that with the BCM3510? The 6000 8-VSB module was introduced with the Nxt2000 8-VSB demod.
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    921 & Open TV

    Scott, What does OpenTV support mean for 721/921 users? In other words, are they revising the interface, or just adding support for OpenTV interactive applications without UI changes?
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    811 delayed?

    Tim, I suspect they have a limited supply of 522 units. They probably also want to move out the remainder of their 721 inventory -- which the 522 is set to replace. I suspect the 522 will be available to all customers early next year, if not sooner.
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    New File area additions

    Scott, The installation guide was posted for dealers/installers, not customers. :)
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    Hot! Hot! Super DISH

    Here's the Superdish installation guide, originally linked on DBSTalk. Superdish Installation Guide (2.8Mb)
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    Hot! Hot! Super DISH

    Confirmed: My opinion: These sizes were needed to ensure reliable service throughout the country at existing power levels. They are not going to produce a smaller dish that can only be sold to minority of customers; they required a one dish solution that would work for everyone (or just...
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    Delay when switching Channels

    gfg, You should practice browsing using the program guide rather than using channel up/down buttons.
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    Dish 500 and new 811.

    dmodem, The premium channel HDs are already on 105. So yes, they will be mirrored and transitioned, as you say. There is currently no plan (or space) to put premium HD channels at 110.
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    What does VOOM need to do?

    What specific changes does VOOM need to make to get your business? Please try to be reasonable. Capacity limitations prevent VOOM from adding locals or dozens of additional SD channels; legal contraints prevent them from adding national HD feeds; and carriage agreements prevent them from...
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    Speculation about future Dish programing- Post SuperDish??

    Scott, Bravo-HD does show some NBC content in HD (like the West Wing). Bravo-HD is also the announced outlet for the NBC Olympics coverage in HD. I have not heard anything about the channel receiving a new name, but that is always possible.
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    Speculation about future Dish programing- Post SuperDish??

    JWhite, The law prevents Dish from providing out-of-market HD feeds to all its customers. The CBS-HD on Dish Network isn't available to everyone; it's generally available only to customers living in 17 markets where CBS corporate owns the station. CBS corporate granted the equivalent of a...
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    Speculation about future Dish programing- Post SuperDish??

    Bruno, As someone else mentioned, right now, Dish Network doesn't have any capacity left for additional HDTV at their core DBS ("small dish") slots. DirecTV doesn't have much, if any, capacity left either right now, although will be gaining enough for 6-8 channels when a new satellite...
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    Exclusive: Superdish a SatelliteGuys First Look!

    Scott, Can you explain the difference in the height and width of the two Superdish models below? According to my image program, the first Superdish pictured has a width-to-height ratio of about 1.80:1, while the second has a ratio of roughly 1.50:1. Does that mean one is 24" tall while...
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    Speculation about future Dish programing- Post SuperDish??

    John, Dish Network plans to use 61.5 for more secondary locals (locals other than CBS, NBC, FOX, NBC, PBS, UPN, WB, etc) in new markets that the law requires them to carry. They've already indicated as much in their filings. They don't have space for these locals at their core slots...