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    Directv Worlddirect

    Basic package has following channels: Local Channels, America’s Store, BYU TV, Church Channel, C-SPAN, C-SPAN2, Daystar, DIRECTV® FREEVIEW® EVENTS, EWTN, HITN-TV, Home Shopping Network (HSN), Link TV, Music Choice (30 channels), NASA TV, PBS You, QVC, RFD-TV, Shop at Home, ShopNBC, Trinity...
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    Enter Here: Sadoun Lnb Giveaway!

    I prefer a receiver :-)
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    DTV Sales REP Talks about Leasing

    Valuelectronics pays the referral as well, I believe. They used to match any offer DTV has. Ask them. And let us know !
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    DTV Sales REP Talks about Leasing

    Since you aready knew DTV offer, call Valuelectronics (link above) to see if they can match. They used to have better offer. Also 10% discount to forum members. Besides, they support our forum.
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    looking for computer forum ?

    Hi, Anybody here knows a good computer forum (as good as this forum wrt sattelite info :) ? I have some technical questions, related to computer & internet, want to ask. Please asvise. Thanks
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    DirectTV-ETV Telugu

    I guess your questions are what includes in the Basic package, and is it a must ? 1) Basic package has 50 channels, most are locals, music, shopping. Not worth to watch. 2) Yes, it a must. You must subscribe to it, to have the other. If you order, call Valueelectronic better, since they...
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    Problem getting 95 west

    You don't have to buy. For 1 year commitment, you will get free equipment, and free basic installation. If you order, try ValueElectronics first. They are forum sponsor. You can get some discount from them as well because of forum member.
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    Directv Worldirect Dish

    Make sure you point the dish to 95, not 101. Use this website to find azimuth/elevation. The D10 itself out-of-the box does not have 95 info. Only when your dish points correctly to 95, then software will be downloaded through...
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    Finally took the leap!

    Does "universal LNB" mean the same as "linear LNB", or "universal LNB" is a superset of "linear LNB" ? What are "two band" ? I used to think 0khz is for 101, and 22khz is to select 110 (or 119) ? Thanks.
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    need recommendations for everything

    After calling DirecTV, call valuelectronics (or, faster, send a PM to DTV Tivo Dealer) to see if Robert can match DirecTV's offer. Satelliteguys members get 10% discount. Whoever you order, ask carefully about installation. Normally, only basic installation is free. But if you negotiate well...
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    New D* subscriber - CSR/Retentions "scammed" my installation!! Now what does one do?

    FYI: a definition of basic install (free) and non-basic install (not free)
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    Directv Active

    What is DirecTV active ?
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    2 LNBFs on a 18" dish. How do you do it?

    Bad luck ! Is that the "pencil" LNB 101, and the tall, rectangular LNB next to it is 99 ? I never see any LNB with this kind of shape. So there is no way I can get both 95 & 97 with 1 disk ? Is there anything like "wide-angle" LNB allow to get both birds ? I hate to install 2 such big...
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    Trouble with installers

    Maybe Robert OOP. He seems do not read the thread. Send him a PM (DTV Tivo Dealer). It will work much faster. Go thru his admin sometimes doesn't help.
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    2 LNBFs on a 18" dish. How do you do it?

    I try hard to get both 95 & 97 on the same 87cm oval disk, using 2 LNBs. The disk points to 95, and I put 97's LNB on the right of 95's LNB (looking into the disk, from LNBs side). Two LNBs are next to each other. I get signal on 95 (of course, because disk aims at 95 !), but not 97...
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    1.1m and various lnb's what can I use 4 fta

    Sorry, what do you mean by "conventional LNBF" ? I used to know only 2 types of LNBs: linear and circular. Conventional is something new to me. Why 4 degree is OK, but 2 is not ? I use do think the other way. If the satellites are close enough, then maybe we can use 1 LNB and get both birds...
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    1.1m and various lnb's what can I use 4 fta

    Wow ! A lot of good info ! I am in US. Do you think it's possible to get both G3C (95) and IA5 (97) with one 30" disk + two linear LNBs ? Both sats are FSS, so I think they are weak.
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    satellite transmitting power

    Thanks guys ! I'm surprised to know that IA5 is almost as powerful as a DBS.
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    D10 Receiver cannot see 95 Satellite

    It's time to call an installer ! You can make more money by doing something else (except if you don't have anything to do) !