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    Isn't it a bit odd that to "sling" to a ROKU ....

    You are probably right about it being free for the WD TV Live. I purchased mine back at the end of 2012. Been a while. It still works well.
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    Isn't it a bit odd that to "sling" to a ROKU ....

    I have the WD TV Live with the Slingplayer App. I have used it for the past year or so. It works well. The picture quality is decent. I am streaming from a Slingbox Solo and a Pro HD. I mostly use it for streaming the Phillies and Flyers games I can't get with Satellite (Philly Customer). I...
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    Do you reset your Genie every few days? Client becomes unresponsive at times

    I have had the same issue. Rebooted twice in the last five weeks as well. After the first time Directv advised me over the phone to reboot the system to correct the problem. That seems to be the only fix so far. I am hoping this gets corrected with a future update as well. Other than this I...
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    Directv with MASN in the Philadelphia Area?

    Again, thanks for the info. I figured my way around it. I am going to set up my slingbox at a friends house and sling the phillies from there. Much less expensive than moving to North Carlolina. :)
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    Directv with MASN in the Philadelphia Area?

    Iceberg, Thanks for helping. Do you mean that I would be blacked out or I would not be blacked out. If I am claimed doesn't that mean they would black the Phillies out and I would be out of luck? MLB.TV just confirmed to me by email that I would indeed be blacked out if I went that way...
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    Directv with MASN in the Philadelphia Area?

    I am looking into coming back to Directv from Comcast in Philadelphia. The price has gone up a good deal and they are unwilling to make any special offerings. As we all know Comcast Philadelphia is playing hardball with Directv so if I come back it will be less local Sports (Phillies)...
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    Are all outputs alive on Motorola Comcast hd-dvr

    Powerhouse 1960, I am interested to find out how well this works and what type of equipment you use. Thanks.
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    What happened to Pocket Dish ?

    Dish's website shows that all models of the Pocket Dish are sold out. Is this something adealer would stock? I tried a few in my area and no go. Or is my best bet ebay? Thanks, Tom
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    Toshiba DVD HD-A2 Buying Experience

    I returned to the same Walmart this evening to purchase a HDDVD Movie to test the player. To my surprise they had two left over. I purchased them for a couple of guys at work. Movie selection at Walmart was poor. I am planning on going to Best Buy tomorrow to purchase a few movies. Bigger...
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    Toshiba DVD HD-A2 Buying Experience

    Philadelphia Suburbs. Got to the Store at 7:20. I was the third person in line at the Electronics section. By 8am there was at least 20 people in line. Store had 20 units that they wheeled out on a cart right at 8. No pushing or shoving by anyone. I was planning on waiting for the...
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    Fox Business Channel!

    I would be happy with the SD Feed. HD would be a Bonus! According to Dave Ramsey this is supposed to be the largest launch of a cable channel in history. I am surprised Dish will not carry it the day of the launch.
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    Fox Business Channel!

    Fox Buisness Launched this morning. Any news on Dish carrying the Channel Yet? I see it was launched on Directv and Many Cable outlets.
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    La Liga Season 2007-2008 on WorldSportHD

    Paul, Thanks for the Updates. I also would like to see the City Tours from the Previous seasons of the La Liga Report. Excellent work.
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    Trading in a 311 Reciever for VIP222

    dahenny, Does that mean they will deduct the $5 for additional receiver off my Bill since I would own the VIP222? I have never owned my own equipment with Dish before. Thanks, Tom
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    Trading in a 311 Reciever for VIP222

    I currently have a VIP622 on the Family Room TV (& Basement) and a 311 on one Bedroom TV. I am thinking about Exchanging the 311 for a VIP222 once I get an HD for the Bedroom. This would also allow me to have a second TV Upstairs. Questions: Will Dish Allow me to do the Trade in without...
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    Setanta scores with Dish Debut

    Difference between Setanta and Gol TV Gol TV is all Soccer. They have the German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga as well as some others. Up until this past season they had Serie A - Italian Soccer. I believe this season it goes to the Fox Soccer Channel. Setanta will share the EPL coverage with...
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    Programming Guide Not Correct

    I have also noticed Glitches with the VIP622. For some reason it will not allow me to record Robot Chicken. It always records Metalocalypse. It finds Robot Chicken when you do a search. After setting up to record it switches to Metalocalypse.
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    how can i watch eufa champion legue

    ESPN carries most of the Champions Leagues Matches in the US with Setanta USA picking up a few. There is 1 match on ESPN2 (2:30pm), 1 on ESPN Classic (5PM) and 3 or 4 on ESPND. They will also rerun the Matches on ESPND throughout the weekend. Setanta USA also carries 2 or so matches each...
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    Fox Soccer Channel - In HD Soon?

    Jammy, I would also love to see FSC in HD! I am aware of only 2 ways of watching Soccer in HD via HDNET (MLS) & WorldSportHD-E* (LaLiga). Both show about one game a week. It would be nice to see the Champions League Games on ESPN2 in HD.
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    Any Word On Setanta Sport??

    It seems the discussion has died down concerning Setanta. Anyone still interested? I had given ITVN a try, but found that the picture kept buffering. I worked with a service tech to set up my router but there was still problems. Possibly from my Broadband Provider. I ended up returning it...