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    How do you correlate the voom RF channels to the OTA channels???

    Hi, I am trying to find where the OTA channels are in the VOOM "RF" receiver. I have several Local OTA Channels that may need tuning but I cannot find any information that tells you which VOOM "RF" numbers correlate to the local OTA Channels. For instance when I am tuning my local channel 9 on...
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    Lost fringe OTA channels after update.

    :mad: Hi, since the update I cannot get several channels that I received before the update. I guess when they updated the program any fringe channels under a signal level of under 80 cannot get opened. Prior to the update I could get the channels but they might pixelate some but be OK to watch...
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    Remote codes for Motorola DSR-550?

    Can anyone help with preset codes for the Motorola DSR-550? I have a Sony RM-VL1000 remote and Sony says "no". Before I go through the learning cycle on the remote, does anyone have any inputs? Russ :confused:
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    How do you check your unit for updates??

    How do you check your receiver for updates? Are they automatic or do you have to do something? Regards, Russ :confused:
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    Need 30" dish, install in 3 days- Help

    Hi: I am a newbee and I am having my system installed in 3 days. I live in Central Florida on the eeast coast and have significant rain issues. Have D* now ant it fades in our rain. How do I have them install the 30" dish first rather than waiting till I get major rain fade. Russ
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    Install in 3 days, need 30" dish How??

    Hi: I am a newbee and I am having my system installed on Friday 5/21/2004. I live in Central Florida on the east coast and we get alot of rain. I loose signal on D* What should I do to get them to install the 30" Dish?? Regards