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    Need to buy some dual lnb dish pro...

    Have not found them on ebay.. legacy only, but I need pros. Best regards
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    FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 ? with dish network ?

    Thanks a lot Bobby
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    FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 ? with dish network ?

    I was wondering if someone here knows what channels or special package I should get in order to be able to watch the full FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL 2014 ? I am a big fan
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    AAD gone ? No more distant networks ?

    Is this true ? Hello, for those of you who subscribe to the Dish Network Distant Network Channels (ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX) through All American Direct (formerly channels 240-248, now on channels 908-914), unfortunately today it has been brought to my attention that the company who provides...
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    dish + logitech revue only one got the software update

    I have two dish + logitech revue with google tv one of them got the software upgrade yesterday, neat ! the other one not yet any ideas ? suggestions ?
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    Problem "pairing" my vip722 with my LOGITECH REVUE with GOOGLE TV.

    Thank you MattG I just did what you told me to do, I get the same result. Forgot to mention that I have both my devices conneted to my home wifi network. When I enter the code dish network gives me, is that case sensitive ? should I type the space between the 2 sets of numbers or should I...
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    Problem "pairing" my vip722 with my LOGITECH REVUE with GOOGLE TV.

    I just can not pair my vip722 dvr with my logitech revue with google tv. I am attaching 2 pics showing the error I get. Help !
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    can not pair my logitech revue with my vip722 dvr

    thank you MikeD-CO5 Yes I have the internet hooked up to my google box via wifi Yes I have my 722 hooked into the google box via hdmi I will try what you say, will reboot, let you know the outcome
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    can not pair my logitech revue with my vip722 dvr

    hello everybody can not get my logitech revue paired with my vip722 dvr i do all the installation steps, then when my dvr gives me a code on the screen I enter that code into the configuration screen on the left, however every code I enter says tha the pairing failed. I have done it 1,000...
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    Future of Logitech Revue ? and future of google tv ? Logitech says Google TV Revue box was a 'big m

    I got a Logitech Revue about 2 months ago, what a great thing it is. I love it. I use it all the time. I got one for my room, another for my living room and another one for my office. I am very concerned to listen that Logitech is no longer manufacturing the product. What do you think will...
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    Anyway to stop screensaver on vip222 receivers ?

    There is something called INACTIVITY TIMEOUT or something like this on the dish receivers. Is there a way to stop this from happening ? I am installaing a huge tv with 4 satellite feeds, it splits 4 ways, one feed on each. Sometiomes for sports some others for stock or gold trading... there...
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    VIP722 & Crestron system

    Thank you Mdajev The user who wants this is a customer of mine, and has a 120" tv system, with the crestron system he splits this huge tv in 4 and wants to be able to watch 4 different channels at the same time, he does it now during the tests with blue ray players as the additional feeds...
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    VIP722 & Crestron system

    Hello everybody: I was wondering if I could install a vip722 together with a crestron system for home automatization. The normal crestron system that I have seen before install an INFRARED sensor on the front of the satellite receiver, however my question is if this can be done to control...
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    SatelliteGuys Review: Logitech Revue with GoogleTV – A Diamond in the Rough

    I pretty much agree with you Scott. My only concern is that I got an email saying that version 2.0 is ready and that it would be downloaded into my revue anytime, however it has not. Also said that the look and feel will be pretty much like a cell phone with a lot of developers adding apps...
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    Dish Online sucks...

    You need to get a Motorola Android phone, it comes with a standard dock with hdmi interface, so you can actually watch on your big screen anything from your phone.
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    All my receivers connected to phone line. Does this help ?

    Two friends of mine had problems with the dish audit team. The first one about 2 weeks ago and the other one yesterday. I have all my receivers on my account (3) connected to my phone line, does this help ? or why the audit team selected them ? do they do it randomly ? that is what I heard...
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    How long to get VOD ? Just connected via broadband

    I just connected my 722 to the internet via wifi, I did this about 2 hours ago. However I do not see any VOD movies on the channel guide. I do not have channel 501 nor channel 1. Question is: How long do I have to wait for this to work ? I guess it is not instant. Any ideas ? Comments ?
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    Sling adapter with usb port allready used..

    I just got my sling adapter for my 722 receiver. The problem I have is that I am using usb port to have wifi access to my internet connection. Somebody knows how to connect the sling adapter under these circunstances ? Any input will be greatly appreciated !
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    New prices for dnet receivers ?

    Claude ? Claude ?
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    New prices for dnet receivers ?

    I just found out dishnet reduced the prices for all receivers. For those of us who rather own. Do somebody has information on the details/dates of this change ?