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    US Open Channels 701-708 are missing

    Been a D* subscriber since '97 and for the first time I can remember for a major golf or tennis event, we're not getting the extra coverage in the 700s. The US Open this week typically has coverage for 5 additional courts the first week of the tournament but not this year. Can't believe it...
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    External Hard Drive

    Santa brought me a 1 TB hard drive that I hooked up to my old HR 20 and can report that the receiver is working MUCH better now. Before you could hear the hard drive working in the receiver and it seemed to slow everything down. Now with the internal hard drive shut down, the receiver works...
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    Cincinnati Reds games no longer available on FSN Tennessee / SportSouth

    In Nashville and other parts of Middle Tennessee, we have been receiving Cincinnati Reds games as part of D* standard packages on channels 644 (-1) and 650 (-1) since 2009. Beginning Monday July 2nd, the guide no longer showed a listing for Reds games on those channels and checking again today...
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    New copyright protection on HBO????

    First time I've seen this message when I tried tuning in to channel 509 today to watch "Independence Day" "Your TV does not support this program's content protection. Replacing the TV's HDMI cable with a component cable will allow you to view the program" What the hell?? I want to stay...
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    Comcast-Universal Deal Approved - good for DirecTV subscribers

    This should mean that the remainder of the Comcast owned stations, such as CSS in the Southeast, are coming to D*. This is good news for SEC sports fans as CSS now carries a good number of games with the new ESPN deal signed last year. The Feds made Comcast agree to a whole slew of restrictions...
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    Additional Sports with Choice Xtra

    If you go to and click on Packages, Compare Packages and Channels (View & Print), you'll see all 4 options listed. For my zip code (37220), Choice Xtra shows FSN Cincinnati as a RSN with that package but does not show it comes with Choice. I subscribe to Choice Xtra but do not get...
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    Sox pitcher pitches perfect game!

    MLBEI just paid for itself