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    Directv with MASN in the Philadelphia Area?

    I am looking into coming back to Directv from Comcast in Philadelphia. The price has gone up a good deal and they are unwilling to make any special offerings. As we all know Comcast Philadelphia is playing hardball with Directv so if I come back it will be less local Sports (Phillies)...
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    What happened to Pocket Dish ?

    Dish's website shows that all models of the Pocket Dish are sold out. Is this something adealer would stock? I tried a few in my area and no go. Or is my best bet ebay? Thanks, Tom
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    Trading in a 311 Reciever for VIP222

    I currently have a VIP622 on the Family Room TV (& Basement) and a 311 on one Bedroom TV. I am thinking about Exchanging the 311 for a VIP222 once I get an HD for the Bedroom. This would also allow me to have a second TV Upstairs. Questions: Will Dish Allow me to do the Trade in without...