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    FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 ? with dish network ?

    I was wondering if someone here knows what channels or special package I should get in order to be able to watch the full FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL 2014 ? I am a big fan
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    AAD gone ? No more distant networks ?

    Is this true ? Hello, for those of you who subscribe to the Dish Network Distant Network Channels (ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX) through All American Direct (formerly channels 240-248, now on channels 908-914), unfortunately today it has been brought to my attention that the company who provides...
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    dish + logitech revue only one got the software update

    I have two dish + logitech revue with google tv one of them got the software upgrade yesterday, neat ! the other one not yet any ideas ? suggestions ?
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    Problem "pairing" my vip722 with my LOGITECH REVUE with GOOGLE TV.

    I just can not pair my vip722 dvr with my logitech revue with google tv. I am attaching 2 pics showing the error I get. Help !
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    can not pair my logitech revue with my vip722 dvr

    hello everybody can not get my logitech revue paired with my vip722 dvr i do all the installation steps, then when my dvr gives me a code on the screen I enter that code into the configuration screen on the left, however every code I enter says tha the pairing failed. I have done it 1,000...
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    Future of Logitech Revue ? and future of google tv ? Logitech says Google TV Revue box was a 'big m

    I got a Logitech Revue about 2 months ago, what a great thing it is. I love it. I use it all the time. I got one for my room, another for my living room and another one for my office. I am very concerned to listen that Logitech is no longer manufacturing the product. What do you think will...
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    Anyway to stop screensaver on vip222 receivers ?

    There is something called INACTIVITY TIMEOUT or something like this on the dish receivers. Is there a way to stop this from happening ? I am installaing a huge tv with 4 satellite feeds, it splits 4 ways, one feed on each. Sometiomes for sports some others for stock or gold trading... there...
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    VIP722 & Crestron system

    Hello everybody: I was wondering if I could install a vip722 together with a crestron system for home automatization. The normal crestron system that I have seen before install an INFRARED sensor on the front of the satellite receiver, however my question is if this can be done to control...
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    All my receivers connected to phone line. Does this help ?

    Two friends of mine had problems with the dish audit team. The first one about 2 weeks ago and the other one yesterday. I have all my receivers on my account (3) connected to my phone line, does this help ? or why the audit team selected them ? do they do it randomly ? that is what I heard...
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    How long to get VOD ? Just connected via broadband

    I just connected my 722 to the internet via wifi, I did this about 2 hours ago. However I do not see any VOD movies on the channel guide. I do not have channel 501 nor channel 1. Question is: How long do I have to wait for this to work ? I guess it is not instant. Any ideas ? Comments ?
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    Sling adapter with usb port allready used..

    I just got my sling adapter for my 722 receiver. The problem I have is that I am using usb port to have wifi access to my internet connection. Somebody knows how to connect the sling adapter under these circunstances ? Any input will be greatly appreciated !
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    New prices for dnet receivers ?

    I just found out dishnet reduced the prices for all receivers. For those of us who rather own. Do somebody has information on the details/dates of this change ?
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    Echostar 14 update ? Nothing new on the last 10 days or so...

    Echostar 14 update ? Nothing new on the last 10 days or so... Is it me ?
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    What satellites directv works with ?

    Sorry if this topic is too obvious for some of you. I was wondering if there is a link where I can see all the satellites that directv has, all the channels and footprints ? Thank you in advance.
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    distant locals on 110, what transponders ?

    Is there a way to find out what transponders are being used by american direct to broadcast the hd locals on 110 ? are any of them on 129 or other ?
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    Somebody knows if in the near future dish network will be able to have nfl sunday ticket ?
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    Not all 311 receivers will need smart card upddate ?

    A friend of mine has 4 311's on his account. He got the new smart cards. However he got only 2 cards, the other 2 had a text "this receiver does not need smart card update" so I guess he will be okay with 2. He got all 4 receivers at the same time about 18 months ago or so. Does somebody...
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    Echostar 14 to 119

    Does somebody has a link or information regarding the schedule for this ? Echostar 14 to 119 launch ?
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    New satellite launches despite economic turbulence ?

    What do you think regarding the fact that dish may have 2 launches in 2009, Nimiq-5 to 72.7 and Echostar 14 to 119, I mean with all this economic turbulence going on worldwide ?
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    Only odd transpoders on 72.7

    I am doing some testing with 72.7 I can only find channels on the odd transponders, any ideas ? Have a vip211k