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    DISH to DTV Mounting ?

    It has a roof top mount due to obstructions. I was wondering if you could actually slip the Dish Dish off and slide on the DTV Dish? One reason is to avoid putting more holes in someone elses roof.
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    DISH to DTV Mounting ?

    I am considering a move. The prospective condo already has a Dish Networks dish installed. Can DTV use the same mount to convert. I am thinking the landlord may not want additional holes drilled in his unit.
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    HD Receiver Upgrade

    A friend of mine has finally enter the world of HD TV. He called DirectV and they told him he would have to pay over $200 for an HD receiver to replace his old one. His plan now is to just switch to Dish because he can get the receiver free from them. Is Direct not offering a free conversion...
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    How Big Are These LIL Spot Beams?

    You would think with all the technology there is today that they would not have to spot beam locals. They should let you buy any local area you want. Of course, you would have to pay for it, but D* could split the money between your home area, the out of area local and themselves. I think this...
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    2 New XM Channels on Directv

    I wish they would add the Talk Show Channel and WLW.
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    Sunday Ticket

    When watching the Sunday Ticket on HD, I cannot rewind a game. I have to pause it first and the frame back with the rewind button. Why is this?
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    Directv Broadcasting WDSU NBC 6 on channel 361

    LOCAL I watched it some of the last few days. I wish they would do this with all the local stations across the country. Put them up on the dish so we could check it around the country to see what is going on. How did they get past the 'legal' issues with this?
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    ESPNU off of the Sports Tier?

    ESPNU Can you just purchase ESPNU or do you have to purchase the sports package on D*?
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    Thanks. I read through the comments and will at least send an email requesting RTN to be added to the line-up. Here was D* response: Thanks for your suggestion. As you know, we're not offering Retro Television Network right now, but we're very interested in knowing the types of programming...
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    Retro Television Network Has anyone heard whether D* will pick-up this network? I think this would be an excellent addition to their channel line-up.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    At the time I had no idea what it would cost. I paid $144 last year w/Superfan for free. I asked her what deals they had going on and see said that I was automatically renewed at $99.00. She said she was reading it right from the scene. I have had other billing issues with D* in the past, so...
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    Volume Control

    What is the best way to maintain consistent volume from channel to channel and during commercials? I am tired of being blasted out.
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    Did the new channels launch?

    WGN I emailed D* and received a response yesterday. There are no plans to add WGN - HD at this time.:(
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I was quoted the Sunday ticket in late June for $99.00 with Superfan free. The CSR said it was a early renewal special. I asked her to make a note on my account concerning our conversation and that the ST with Superfan was $99.00. She did so. I just got my bill and was charged $41.50 for ST...
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    Locals and Nationals

    I wish they would at least let me purchase the coast feeds to compliment my locals. How many more satellites would they need to do this?
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    Locals and Nationals

    Good points. I don't know that much about the technology but it just didn't seem like it would be that difficult.
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    Locals and Nationals

    So, require everyone to take their local dma's plus permit them to purchase additional ones. That way the local market can still state accurately that XX people living in the market that you have the opportunity to reach. In the end, do you really think 100's of thousands of people would buy...
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    Locals and Nationals

    First off, consumers should dictate who wins, not government regulation. Currently, my locals get zero hits from my home so how does that effect their ad revenue? The spotbeam issue would be one that would be hard to get around. How many local channels does D* carry? Is the technology...
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    Locals and Nationals

    Why would they not want to do this if they could make some money on it?
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    Locals and Nationals

    According to my service tech, the secondary local dish will be going away when the locals start being beamed in HD. Apparently, everything is going to one satellite.