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  1. lsat

    FS Primestar 75E, lnbf, Stab HH100 P/U Richmond, VA area

    <BUMP> This is now free for the taking I'd like to see it go to an FTA guy instead of the dump. I am moving in 2 weeks and have no use for it. I found a pole mount in my crawlspace so I will include that also. :)
  2. lsat

    FS- DVBWorld / Nextorm USB Box

    Includes box, remote, USB cable and original software/drivers. Works fine (with XP, not sure about Vista). $75.00 shipped to the U.S.
  3. lsat

    FS- Pansat 9200HD FTA Receiver

    Sold, thanks.
  4. lsat

    FS- Pansat 9200HD FTA Receiver

    1 month old, includes remote, HDMI cable, USB stick and manual. Receiver works fine, selling because I want to build a HTPC. $330 includes UPS shipping to the states only. PM if you need more info.
  5. lsat

    FS Primestar 75E, lnbf, Stab HH100 P/U Richmond, VA area

    Richmond/Chesterfield, VA area. Will meet buyer in Chesterfield for pickup. Motor is a couple of years old and is working fine. The lnbf is an old alphastar. Mast is not included. I'm going to get a bigger dish so this one goes. $80.00, PM if you need some more info.
  6. lsat

    What is the best HDFTA box out there right now?

    One box... this Pansat 9200 is nice. No 4:2:2 but everything else works pretty well. Blind scan speed is upped from the 2500/2700 generation and it seems to catch most everything it should. It's really nice to run a blind scan and actually be able to tune the HD feeds. Bugs? Yep they all...
  7. lsat

    DirecTV HD Channel Lineup

    *IF* it's being delivered HD, so my question still stands.
  8. lsat

    DirecTV HD Channel Lineup

    Great news! What channel, what system?
  9. lsat

    Compensation for the Directv Lies?

    I'd guess it's the box.. and I'm a semi-D* fanboy. :D
  10. lsat

    Are You Ready For HD?

    I can get ready in 5 minutes... my wife takes an hour. You think the whining is bad from the folks who are hardware upgraded waiting for the candle to be lit... imagine the whine from subs who know the channels are lit but are still sitting on phase 3's and 250's... what with installs out 3...
  11. lsat

    Are You Ready For HD?

    No, not really. I'm glad you are inferring they are not ready though, are you in the know?
  12. lsat

    Compensation for the Directv Lies?

    It's the Great American Way... blame someone else. :)
  13. lsat

    Dreambox DM500-S

    You can have all that gadgetry.. it's still a piss poor FTA box with a weak tuner, weak power supply for motor, and no blind scan.
  14. lsat

    70+ HD Channels in Engineering Mode

    Anything different than this thread?
  15. lsat

    NEW DirecTV HD Packages Coming?

    I'm sure everyone appreciates your attempt to "share"... next time try "sharing" the actual title of the article, if you are into the facts. I appreciate "hard facts" as much as you apparently do. Sure speculation is fun, however your comment that: ..trumps your attempt at passing your...
  16. lsat

    Blind scan perfomance- Coolsat 4000 vs Traxis 3500

    Hello, Has anyone compared the above receivers side by side? I'm looking at getting a 3500. How does it compare to the 4000 in terms of speed and accuracy? Does the 3500 have predefined scan range options? Thanks :)
  17. lsat

    Coolsat 8000?

    How can you "guarantee" the 8000 will not "decode" high defintion MPEG2 signals? Have a look at the Quali-TV 1080IR... this receiver is capable of SAT HD.
  18. lsat

    Sound Quality of DishNetwork Music Channels

    Easy on the citizen's arrest there Gomer.. :) more than enough radio is ITC for the question to be legit. And yes I think the use of the digital out makes for better sound quality.
  19. lsat

    Nextorm database?

    It looks like you can swap the sattplist.dat file but I don't think we can edit it easily with anything other than the dvbworld utility itself. I also use dvbdream with the dvbworld box which allows use of the easier to edit .ini transponder files.
  20. lsat

    Enter to Win: GEOSATpro 1.2M Motorized Dish with C/KU LNBF

    I'd like to keep an eye on Bloomberg- AMC11, 3860/H/29270. Thanks :)