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    SuperDish Mast/Pole???

    I got a SuperDish that I'm trying to install on my balcony. I don't have the mast for it. I want to use a fence type pole instead. From what I read, I need a pole with a 2" outside diameter. I looked in Lowes and Home Depot but couldn't find anything that size. They were either too small or too...
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    Dish 1000 + switch options

    Do I have to use a DP44 switch with a Dish 1000 + setup? Can I use something like an Emp-Centauri 8x1 or a Chieta Heavy Duty DiSEqC 4X1 Switch or a few Ecoda SW22 switches? Thanks for your help.
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    Help with IA-5

    I'm having trouble getting IA-5. I get signal ranging 75-99 but no quality. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? My location: Newark, CA, 94560 Elevation:39.2° Azimuth (true): 142.6° Azimuth (magn.): 127.9° LNB skew: -28.8° Dish skew: 90.0° Dish: 3ABN 36" Dish LNB...
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    EMP Centauri 8 x 1 (GOTO nn switch)

    +1 I'm also interested in buying one. Who's got the best price and shipping? Is Sadoun going to add this to their offerings?