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  1. mike2154

    Dish 612 HD DVR

    I found a guy who was closing out his inventory and purchased a few of these that are brand new in the box. I am looking for $175 shipped to the Continental USA for an unopened 612 DVR so if anyone is looking for one this is your chance to buy one without a commitment. Shoot me a pm if you are...
  2. mike2154

    Denon AVR-987-NIB

    I got a great deal on this 7.1 Denon AV-987 Receiver and have decided I am going to stick with my Carver HT-880 5.1 Receiver and sell this one. Here are a few specs from this beautiful Denon home theater receiver. It retailed for $1299 and I bought it on close out for half price $649 but would...
  3. mike2154

    Does dish network have fox college sports?

    Is the former CSTV now called FCS or fox college sports? If not does dish carry fox college sports and if so I assume it is in the sports package but what channel is it on dish?:confused:
  4. mike2154

    622 HD DVR Like New condition with both remotes

    Selling for a friend who was misled by a dish sales representative and bought this 622 when he was told his locals would be in HD and he waited 6 months and still no HD locals. He paid $500 for it and would like to recoup half of his investment as the DVR is in perfect like new cosmetic and...
  5. mike2154

    Dish 508 DVR-No DvR Fee

    I have a rarely used 508 DVR that has no DVR fee attached to it and is in like new condition. I had it installed for my mom and she never did take the time to learn how to use it so we bought her a new LCD TV and a 211 receiver. I would like to get $125 + exact shipping of your choice to your...
  6. mike2154

    New 722 Model release date?

    When is the new 722 going to be available?
  7. mike2154

    New 2008 model Wii for sale

    I was in Wal Mart and found the first 2 Wiis I have ever seen in a retail store so I bought them both and was surprised they sold me 2 but they did so I am selling 1 of them to try to make a few bucks to buy my grandson a wii play or some other game. I will include the receipt and an address so...
  8. mike2154

    Suggestion for an OTA Antenna

    I live in Stillwater OK which is 60+ miles west of the Tulsa local stations and app. 55 miles NE of the OKC local stations. Can someone please suggest a good OTA antenna that would allow me to get either set of locals? I don`t mid spending a reasonable amount on a good HD OTA antenna I was...
  9. mike2154

    Western Digital My Book Premium 500GB 7200 RPM USB 2.0 / IEEE 1394a Ext. Hard Drive

    The Western Digital My Book Premium is a clear leader in the race for the peak of external desktop drives. Its 500 GB runs at 7200 RPM with up to 100 MB/s transfer rates. Its breakthrough 16 MB cache makes this hard drive suitable for high-performance home and business computing, as it can...
  10. mike2154

    DVD Collections for sale

    I have the following collections for sale and some are still sealed in the cellophane others are new or adult viewed one time and in perfect/new condition. Sopranos Season 2(Sealed) $30 Sopranos Season 3(Sealed) $30 Sopranos Season 4(Sealed) $30 Sopranos Season 5(Viewed 1 time) $40...
  11. mike2154

    Western Digital MyBook Premium Edition 500GB External Hard Drive

    I have a brand new sealed in the box Western Digital MyBook Premium Edition 500 Gigabyte External hard drive for sale. It has never been opened and still sealed in the shrink wrap with full warranty still intact. I got it on a trade and ended up buying one before this one arrived so I am selling...
  12. mike2154

    XBox 360 HD Dvd player

    New open box item with the King Kong HD DVD included. Everything that comes with a new unit is included and this one is new but I opened it to make sure that it worked and all accessories were included. I have pics if you would like to see this particular item so just let me know if you want me...
  13. mike2154

    Microsoft 30GB Zune

    New open box brown microsoft zune 30GB edition that my daughter received for Christmas. She also got a new Ipod and is familiar with the Ipod and decided she would keep it and sell this Zune. It retails for $199 but I told her she needed to discount it to sell it and they are going for about...
  14. mike2154

    NIB Acer 20" LCD Monitor

    The sleek, black Acer AL2016 is beautiful even turned off. This 20" LCD monitor is their latest masterpiece. A compact footprint frees up workspace, and still gives you a great sized Window on your virtual world. Brilliant image quality with 300cd/m2 brightness and up to 16.7 million colors and...
  15. mike2154

    Nintendo Wii-$375+exact shipping

    Well I have a lightly used Nintendo Wii with the sports game package that is just like a new one with all accessories that come with a new sports package plus a component cable included. I bought it from a local guy who purchased it for his son and he just didn`t play it so I bought it to give...
  16. mike2154

    Big Ten Network

    I know this has probably been discussed at length previously but to save me searching through all of the previous threads I have one question. Does dish currently offer the big X network? Thanks in advance. :D
  17. mike2154

    Seagate Barracuda ATA IV 80GB hard drive $50 shipped

    I have a used 80 GB Seagate Barracuda ATA IV hard drive model ST380021A that I pulled from a working system with a fresh install of XP Professional. It was working when I pulled it but from time to time I would have to use my XP disc to boot the system so you may need to do a repair on the...
  18. mike2154

    Dish 508 DVR & 311 For Sale

    I have a like new 508 with remote that is clear of any balance and a 311 receiver with remote that is also clear and ready to activate. I was going to list them on Ebay but decided to join Satellite guys and give the classified ads a try. You can email me for pictures or any additional...
  19. mike2154

    How do I post on the classified page?

    I would like to post on the classified page but not sure exactly what I need to do in order to be allowed to post there. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.:eureka