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    This needs to be said of V21 Again and again and ....

    May the best post I've seen on this site: but to late all of the nonbelivers and such have won: sorry no new game now: we have to go back to 5 or so HD's for next two or three years : great job Voom Bashers you won:: or did you??
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    Anything is possible but in all fairness...

    One of those Few who may have been a little to harsh:, " Good JOb ",We all what the same HDTV Programing, just different way's of expressing it:::
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    Free month of service for a referal - they are listening!

    How wrong, How wrong:"DVR" will not make or brake "VOOM" it's the service that's counts nothing more:.
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    IS Cablevison going to be sold to finance VOOM?

    Good Job but your logo say's it all:::::
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    2 New Channels added

    What a excellent POST", you hit the nail on the Head with this one.....
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    2 New Channels added

    Great :: same with "E" buying 61.5 keep it up:
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    Echostar holding on to Voom satellite (NewsDay) 03.18.05

    61.5 is not for USA English speaking people, 2nd. their are 23 more TP"s that's not in the deal , or is it?. 3rd. You're Guess why "E" wants 61.5 it has no use for 90%+ dish owners. so why ,if not to expand for another market. Good For " DISH " not for YOU:?"" Edit " Unless it was a ECHOSTAR...
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    Voom Adds More! (WealthTVHD, Fine Living, DIY,..)

    I'm sorry for covering your post. " But what a great Honest post" who cares" , " If we get what we what who cares. ", " Maybe the dreamers of what could be"
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    Considering upgrading to VaVa?

    I know I'm blocked: " But get real you must have the worst equipment in the world to made such a statement : maybe you're screen is to large for any "HD" , How is you're Local's coming in?. and What channel does "E" have better ????."EDIT" I forgot to add, 5HRS, I watch over 100hrs of HD this...
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    New Channels Added! (BBC, Noggin, etc...)

    Great but maybe to late:. HDTV is for parents not Children: maybe the fat lady has sung::: "way to late , could be bad planning or who knows, but we now have most if not all of the best:, " sports " ok not so good?"
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    New Channels Added! (BBC, Noggin, etc...)

    who can say "VOOM" is wrong now " added " NOGGIN", and " BBC", what else is there" "Espn2",odlHD, what esle??.
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    Dolans new dish

    You must be lucky , go for it: why would VOOM want to take any pictures of your equipment? for all of us VOOMER's, I'd love that problem? 1.2m "FTA", wow what a gift .
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    Dolans new dish

    I agree but a 1m really would be a better size, with Side Mount for "FTA" open about 100 more channels with little rain fade.
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    Ch. 308: "This channel reserved for future use"

    Why would they do That: when ESPN only has a few hour's of HD every Week.....
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    Cablevision Chairman To Use Cash, Stock To Fund Voom

    Very good Post " U got that Right "
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    New Channels Added: - Discoveries & Fox Movie

    Bad Grammer all all that's Great: let's hope Voom makes it thru April 1 st, you know ?? what that day means??
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    New Channels Added: - Discoveries & Fox Movie

    Great here in the Midwest a 1 m or 1.2 m takes care of it all:Oh I forgot 99.00 more: for it all ::
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    New Channels Added: - Discoveries & Fox Movie

    I think if you want middle tier stuff you should not have : VOOM : Voom is HD first and SD second: sorry about that:
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    Harmonic Encoder Improvements? (Feedback Need it)

    Mr. bad grammer say's great post: we to gooooo
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    New Channels Added: - Discoveries & Fox Movie

    Hey Great did not check new services but oh WOW: we have more and E & D has less now ok, gooooo VOOM: