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    What does VOOM need to do?

    What specific changes does VOOM need to make to get your business? Please try to be reasonable. Capacity limitations prevent VOOM from adding locals or dozens of additional SD channels; legal contraints prevent them from adding national HD feeds; and carriage agreements prevent them from...
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    Minor nitpicks / aesthetic issues

    Some other aesthetic quirks / suggestions... Scott, 1) You are currently using 2-3 lines for your forum descriptions. Is there any possibility that you could get this down to 1-2 lines? The goal should be to fit as many of the popular SatGuys forums on one screen (without scrolling) as...
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    Forum headings...

    Scott, Do SatelliteGuys Operations Center, SatelliteGuys Store Support, and SatelliteGuys Classifieds really belong under the General Forums heading? Have you considered making a separate heading at the bottom called SatelliteGuys Operations (or something similar), and moving these...
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    Request: Put recent threads back on left-hand side of home

    Scott, You now have the surveys/poll item on both the left and right of the main page. People read from left to right, so is there any possibility that you could keep all the polls on the right, and put the recent posts on the left?